RealTime June 2005

Making Our Way through Hezekiah’s Tunnel
June 1, 2005

A few weeks ago during a visit to Israel, I walked (actually waded) through Hezekiah’s tunnel for the first time. Cold water rushed—sometimes up to waist level—as we wound our away along the twisting underground path. To think that we were walking through a passage carved out of rock all the way back in the…

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Boombamela: Outreach to New Age Israelis

The New Age Festival, Boombamela, ran for three nights and four days in Israel. Yoel Ben David organized our Boombamela outreach and managed to recruit about 50 people to stand shoulder to shoulder with us. Volunteers included a group from OM, YWAM and a Korean missionary group. We had a double booth in a good…

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THE DISPUTATION: Are We Being Fair to Messianic Jews?

The following article originally appeared in the Forward Newspaper Online, June 10, 2005. Reproduced with permission from the author. When you write a book called Why the Jews Rejected Jesus” and make your e-mail address available on a Web site bearing your name, as I’ve done, you are going to get a lot of e-mail…

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Jewish Rapper for Jesus?

According to the June 11, 2005 Forward Newspaper online, 50 Shekel, the Jewish rapper who dubbed himself the ‘The World’s Most Kosher MC,’ is now calling himself ‘The Jewish Jesus Freak.’” Are the rumors true that Jewish rapper/hip hop artist 50 Shekel (real name Aviad Cohen) is now professing Jesus as Messiah? Indeed they are….

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Jewish take on Father’s Day

For a bit of background on Father’s Day as well as a Jewish perspective, go to: Let’s hear it for Jewish dads in Scripture, on the Web (PLEASE NOTE: We do not necessarily endorse all the content you see on all of these or previous sites mentioned, but if you read them judiciously, we hope…

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Remember to pray for Behold Your God Marseilles!

Marseilles, the second largest city in France, is home to some 70,000 Jewish people. There is also a very strong Arab population in the city. And France is not the easiest place to exercise freedom of religion! Please pray for effective witness, and that any attempts at opposition will only magnify the message. Stephen Pacht…

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Reminder: Help Needed!

Liberated Wailing Wall | AlbumsĀ | Downloadable Music We are looking for a bus driver/sound person for The Liberated Wailing Wall, our mobile evangelistic music team. The 18-month term of service is October 2005-March 2007, with full salary and benefits. We need someone with: * a vital relationship with the Lord and a servant’s heart *…

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Staff News

Stan and Holly Meyer have a new daughter . . . and is she CUTE! Stan Meyer, who leads our branch in South Florida, and his wife Holly flew to China last month to meet and bring home their long-awaited daughter, Caroline Fu-Tong Meyer (AKA Carrie-Fu”).

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