BYG Kharkov: Praise Report and Pics

Last month’s Real Time asked you to pray for Behold Your God campaigns in un-named cities. One of those cities, Kharkov, concluded its campaign last week, so we can now report on how God answered your prayers.

Here is a summary of ministry for the Kharkov BYG campaign:

Campaigners handed out 699,098 gospel broadsides. Six hudred and seventy three Jewish people gave their names and addresses to hear more about Jesus, as did 590 Gentiles. Sixty-four Jews and 150 Gentiles prayed to receive Jesus. (The initial number was significantly larger. We have instituted a procedure of meeting with people right away to verify those who pray, so while the number is smaller, we feel it is a better indication of the fruit.)

Also, during the campaign, staff made personal visits to 247 unbelieving Jewish people, 12 of whom prayed to receive the Lord.

Campaigners attempted to call 1,093 people from the phone directory, and spoke to 541. Of those, 54 Jewish people were willing to hear more from us.

To view photos from this campaign, click here.

If you are interested in more details of the campaign, read on, if it’s enough already, go on to the next point.

Despite our best efforts to keep the dates for the Kharkov campaign unpublished, the opposition learned of our plans and greeted us the first day with “counter-leafletters” and people to discourage passers-by from taking our tracts. While this opposition did require the campaigners to be more energetic in their approach (and consequently more tired at the end of the day) it did not hinder them or discourage them. On the days that the opposition didn’t show up, campaigners felt particularly blessed and refreshed.

More serious was the opposition to showing our Survivor Stories film. (Survivor Stories is a compilation of testimonies of Jews who survived the Holocaust and came to faith in Jesus.) While we were able to show the film twice, the opposition outside the building prevented some of the people who wanted to attend from entering. Nevertheless, as a result of those two showings, two Jewish people and one Gentile prayed to receive the Lord.

One congregation that wanted to show the film was prevented from doing so when the Department of Religious Affairs learned of their plans. As a result, the landlord where they normally meet no longer wants to rent to the congregation. Do please pray for God to bless that congregation with an appropriate meeting place.


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