RealTime June 2004

Time to Prepare
June 1, 2004

As you read this, 29 Jewish believers in Jesus from around the world are gathered at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. They are preparing for our upcoming summer witnessing campaign in New York City via an intensive two-week training course. Many of these young people...

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BYG Kharkov: Praise Report and Pics

Last month’s Real Time asked you to pray for Behold Your God campaigns in un-named cities. One of those cities, Kharkov, concluded its campaign last week, so we can now report on how God answered your prayers. Here is a summary of ministry for the Kharkov BYG...

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Have You Wondered What Bar and Bat Mitzvah is About?

Bar mitzvah literally means son of the commandment” and refers to a boy who has reached 13 years of age. At this time, he is considered a man who is now responsible to take on the religious obligations of Jewish life. The term bar mitzvah is also commonly used...

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Dedication of the Louis Goldberg Memorial Library

Last week the United States and Canadian Boards of Directors of Jews for Jesus met together in New York City, not only to discuss regular board business, but also to remember a very much loved and respected man of God, Dr. Louis Goldberg. We chose New York as the...

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See the Video of Israelis and Palestinians Who Have Found Peace in Yeshua (Jesus)
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Beyond the bloodshed and despite decades of hostility, Israelis and Palestinians are joining hands and forging a peace agreement long thought forbidden. While the world cries out for a solution to end the conflict that grips the Middle East, these people have found...

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