Larry Dubin reports: “The International Missionary Alliance Cemetery in Jerusalem is an incredible place to share the gospel. The walls around this historical burial ground exceed the length of a football field. And on those walls an amazing full color mural, painted by an American artist, is displayed. The mural was six and a half years in the making and illustrates God’s magnificent love story. It’s an astonishing life-size painting of the Word of God!

“I enjoyed leading tours through the cemetery, telling about the famous people buried there and weaving in the Bible stories illustrated on the wall. One day I was in a coffee shop, just a five-minute walk from the cemetery. I struck up a conversation with a secular Jewish man, Daniel.* We sat together for some time and looked at the Hebrew Scriptures, then I asked if he had time to walk with me over to the cemetery. Daniel agreed and as we surveyed the mural, I was able to summarize for him the story of the Bible and the gospel itself. At the end of the tour, Daniel said, ‘I can see the hope that you described from the pages of Scripture.’ Pray that Daniel would find the hope of eternal life in Messiah.”

*Names are changed to protect privacy.