Pray for John in Israel!

Team leader Giselle says, “We tried a ‘post a prayer’ outreach that has worked in the south of Israel, and also in New York City. Though we had some good conversations, we soon realized that this idea does not work so well on Rothschild Street in Tel Aviv. People there are very quick to attach negative connotations as soon as you bring up the idea of prayer. We learned a valuable lesson about contextualization and the nature of Tel Aviv and its people.

“Friday night we tried a different approach and had a very different response. We asked people to write what they loved and were thankful for on our blank board—and as you can see in the photo, many people posted. We also had lots more good conversations. Following is one of the responses that we hope will inspire you to pray for us and for the people God is bringing our way.”

Alec says, “A middle-aged man, John, said he had nothing that he was thankful for—but after a conversation about the Gospel, he seemed to reevaluate how much God loves him. I suggested some things he might talk to God about and gave him a New Testament. It was amazing to hear John say, ‘I came into this conversation very cynical, but now I feel like if I follow Jesus as you say, I may be able to feel the goodness of God.’ Then he gave us his phone number and email address! Please pray that John really will read the New Testament and be open to receive the gospel."

Did you catch our previous article about this team? If not, check out “Massah: Courage and Compassion.”


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