Aaron Lewin (Berlin branch leader) inviting Israelis to post their thoughts on peace

From day one of the Berlin campaign, God has been answering prayer!

Daniel reports: “I was feeling bad that people weren’t taking my tracts when an Israeli approached me and said, ‘I’ve heard about Yeshua!’ (Jesus). Just then, an older Israeli couple tried to persuade Moshe* not to speak with me. It didn’t work! Moshe gave me his contact information and the next day we met in a coffee shop. I showed him some messianic prophecies and he was surprised, receptive and eager to read more Scripture. Please pray for Moshe as I meet with him again during the campaign.

Igal (a missionary with Christian Witness to Israel, working in partnership with our Jews for Jesus team in Israel) reports: “From the first day of the campaign, Israelis have been stopping us in the street when they see our bright T-shirts with the question, “Who is He?” in Hebrew. By the end of the first day, five Israelis had given me their contact information to hear more about Yeshua.

Campaign leader Aaron reports: “I got into the hotel elevator with a man I’d overheard speaking Hebrew. I started making small talk with him and he asked what our T-shirts meant—then he said he’d seen our stickers all around town! As I explained who we were and what we believe, he listened attentively—then suggested that we and our families meet up while he is in Berlin. Please pray for him as we continue the conversation.

“The Israeli outreach team spent a whole afternoon at Alexanderplatz—a vast public square with market stalls, live music and shops. We used our homemade chalkboards, post-it notes and evangelistic literature to invite people to answer the questions, ‘What is peace to you?’ and ‘Who can bring peace?’ Many people posted their answers on our chalkboards. We had non-stop conversations from the moment we arrived, and were able to share the gospel with people of all cultures and identities.

“Our Israeli flag drew both positive and some negative responses. It was particularly touching when two young Muslim women wrote on our board, “Peace is—Jews and Muslims deserve to live.” The sincerity in their eyes was profound. Others wanted to take photos with the Israeli flag or with the chalkboard. Igal, a local Israeli, was very open to hearing the gospel, and gladly received a New Testament in Hebrew. Please pray for me to have continuing ministry to Igal and many others from the local Israeli community as I build our branch here. And please pray for all of the people who are stopping to speak to us, that their search for peace would lead them to the only one who can give what they truly need.”

Laura Barron reports: “One morning there were very few people passing by our sortie (tract-passing expedition) site. So when I saw a young man sitting alone on a bench, I sat next to him. Martin* was a university student from a Turkish, nominally Muslim, background. He told me he had been to a church while studying in England, and wondered if Jesus might truly be the Savior. I explained the gospel to him and he prayed right there on the bench to receive the Lord! He is eager to be in touch with believers from Berlin and to start reading the Bible right away. Please pray for Martin* to grow in his new faith.

*not their real names

Our campaigners are feeling God’s answers to your prayers—please keep interceding for them!