European director Avi Snyder reports, “Throughout our two-week Budapest campaign we invited people to a presentation of ‘Multitudes,’ the art show that displays the very Jewish nature of the Gospel of Matthew.

“Five hours before the event, we received an urgent call from the administrators of the venue where the event was to take place. They were under heavy pressure to cancel, which they knew would put them in legal jeopardy for breach of contract. They implored us to accept a change in location—at the Israel Cultural Center—a five-minute walk away from their own facility. There would be no extra cost to us, and they promised to redirect people to the new venue.

“It was clear that through no fault of their own, they were caught in a no-win situation, and were making every effort to ‘do right’ by us. I agreed to the last-minute change, and I believe God honored the decision. The hall was packed to overflowing, with over a hundred people attending. At least 20 unbelieving Jewish people came to see the paintings. Many had received an evangelistic tract and invitation on the street from one of the campaigners.

“Excellent gospel-focused conversations followed the presentation for another hour and a half. The paintings will remain on display at the Center until August 19, which will allow even more people to view the artwork and read the verses and brief commentary accompanying each one.

“Isn’t that just like God? An attempt to thwart the gospel event was turned to victory, thanks to your prayers and His grace!

“The Budapest campaign ended strong.  In two weeks, we placed 207,360 evangelistic tracts into people’s hands. Fifty-seven unbelieving Jewish people and 413 unbelieving non-Jews gave us their contact details to learn more about Yeshua (Jesus). And, praise the Lord, two Jewish people and 21 non-Jews prayed to receive Him!  Please pray for each one to grow in grace and strength!”

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