Toronto praise report

Toronto outreach: pray for new believers and seekers—God is arranging divine appointments everywhere!

Campaigner Linda was handing out broadside tracts across the street from Laura (who is leading the campaign, and is part of our Toronto branch) at Yonge and Eglinton. They had just ten minutes left to be on the street when an older Jewish woman with a heavy heart over a death in the family felt compelled to take a walk. When Abby* saw Linda, she was ready to talk about eternal things. When Linda asked who she thought Jesus was, Abby responded, “He could have been the Son of God.” Linda gave a clear gospel presentation and Abby said, “That sounds right,” and then prayed with Linda to receive Jesus! Laura came over to see what was happening and Linda introduced her to Abby. Abby explained to Laura, “I asked Jesus into my life because it sounds true and the time is right.” They exchanged information and promised to be in touch. Praise God for this new sister!

Campaign co-leaders Laura and Deb were in a coffee shop, writing thank you cards to some of our contributors and lots of people noticed their T-shirts. One man approached Deb and said, “He (pointing to a man at a table) wants to talk to you.” Jonathan and his friend Yakov* wanted to know if Deb was Jewish, if her parents were Jewish, etc. She shared her story, the gospel and the claims of Jesus. She gave them both some literature and a couple of passages from the Hebrew Scriptures to look up. Yakov said that he would be willing to meet with Andrew (leader of our Toronto branch) to continue the conversation.

In the same coffee shop, an elderly Russian Jewish woman, Galya,* engaged Laura in a lengthy conversation. As they talked about family and life, Laura mentioned her son with special needs and Galya became very animated because she had taught students with special needs in Israel. That connection resulted in Galya giving her contact information to learn more about Laura’s faith. No sooner had Galya left than Sheryl* (another Jewish woman) sat down to talk. She and Laura chatted and connected on many levels—then discovered they live five minutes away from each other! Sheryl had never met a Jew for Jesus. Her friend Liz* (also Jewish, from South Africa, where Laura and her husband lived and ministered for years) joined in the conversation. Pretty soon they were showing Laura pictures of their dogs and their kids and making her promise to keep in touch. They gave their contact information, took some gospel literature and left. There are no coincidences with God!

Laura and Deb were getting ready to leave when another Jewish man called them to come over and talk with a group of twelve others. One was an atheist, another Orthodox, a third somewhere between…they were all curious but coming from different backgrounds. By then, Laura and Deb had to leave, but the group invited them to come back to talk another time, since they are there every day.

This coffee shop is in a mall in a particularly Jewish area, and many more of our campaigners had all kinds of amazing conversations in the food court, as people spotted their T-shirts and motioned for them to come over and talk.

Campaigner Margarita went to a nearby gelato shop where she met Dan,* a 28-year-old Jewish man who works behind the counter. He noticed her T-shirt and was very friendly as she tested many flavors before buying a gelato. There was no spiritual opening, but Margarita felt the need to return. During her second visit she asked for help with her phone and Dan willingly obliged; again no spiritual conversation, although he knew clearly what she stood for. By Margarita’s third visit, Dan not only gave his contact info but confessed to her that he has been searching and wanting to know about spiritual things. He said he celebrated the Jewish holidays but that his sister was Jewish enough to cover them both as she is studying to be a rabbi. He received a copy of our “Jewish and Christian: Can it be?” booklet, and was open to meeting with someone again.

Last but not least, Valerie was passing out water when a middle-aged man named Chris came by and said, “This is a funny way to talk about Jesus.” Valerie asked Chris if he believed in God and he replied with uncertainty, explaining that his daughter is having trouble and God does not seem to care. Valerie shared her experience and how God revealed Himself to her. She asked Chris if she could pray for him and specifically for God to help him with his daughter. He was glad to have her to pray so she did. Then she asked if he would like to know God personally and receive Him into his heart, and he said he would. There were some tears and he thanked Valerie for being there, and gave his email. Please pray for Chris and for his daughter.

*not their real names.


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