New York City summer outreach

This year’s New York City summer outreach featured all kinds of ways to engage people on the streets. We were stationed all around the city and offered people opportunities to interact with our “What are you for?” and “Post a prayer” boards, as well as providing free charges for cell phones, iced coffee, free water, sunglasses and even sunscreen. As you can see from the photos below, each station gave us opportunities to ask people questions and tell them about Jesus.

Susan Perlman (associate executive director and head of media at our San Francisco headquarters) is a native New Yorker (Brooklyn, to be precise) and is most at home when sharing the gospel in NYC. She says, “I met Les, a Jewish man in his 60s on the Lower East Side. He stopped by our table for a free bottle of water and a chat. He goes to shul (synagogue) three times a day and didn’t understand why we would need Jesus as a mediator instead of going directly to God. ‘Les,’ I said, ‘what do you think Moses was? What was Aaron and the whole priesthood? Haven’t we always needed a mediator?’ Les conceded that point, and was willing to give his email to receive a copy of my story. Please pray for him.”

Aaron Trank had an interesting encounter on the Lower East Side. A man approached him and confided that a year and a half earlier, he’d been seriously ill, and had asked Jesus to heal him. He received that healing. Aaron asked if he’d ever told anyone what happened, and he had not. Aaron then asked if that healing had convinced the man that Jesus is our Messiah, and he said it had. Apparently, seeing us prompted this Jewish man to share his faith in Jesus openly for the first time. Please pray for him to grow in his faith and become a bold witness.

One of the highlights of the outreach was the two-night showing of our Multitudes art, original paintings that illustrate the text of the gospel of Matthew. 500 people came through to view the art on the first night alone… and the gallery was up three flights of stairs! It was wonderful to see people reading the legends (author’s comments on each piece as it relates to the text) and discussing the art and the gospel. The artist, Steffi Geiser Rubin, was also present to meet those who attended and answer questions. Don’t miss photos of the gallery in the selection below!

2015 New York City summer outreach and Multitudes gallery

Susan Perlman answering a skeptic


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