Budapest campaign begins

We prayed for at least 12 campaigners in Budapest and God has provided more than 40! What does this huge influx of Jewish and Gentile Christians joining our Budapest team mean? Only God knows, and we can hardly wait to see what He will do!

This outreach is unique, not only because of the many partners who have joined us, but also because our new outreach via gospel messages posted on the sides of public transportation. Here’s an English translation of the three different messages we are sending out to the people of Budapest:

He died for our sins according to the Hebrew Scriptures.
He didn’t stay dead.
Who is that man?
Let’s talk. 

He said, “If you believed in Moses you would believe in Me.”
He said, “No one comes to the Father except through Me.”
Who is that man?
Let’s talk.

He was born in Israel 2000 years ago.
He’s still alive, and coming back.
Who is that man?
Let’s talk. 

The signs include our website and phone number.

This campaign began several days before our training so people have been seeing the message… and now our people are out on the streets ready and eager to answer any questions about those signs.

European director Avi Snyder says, “Some photos of the ads were partially defaced. Fortunately, our message and contact info were left intact. One piece of graffiti across the image of the man is rather vile. I guess we’re hitting a nerve.”

Within the first five days (some of them training days) campaigners had handed out 82,805 gospel broadsides and have spoken to 189 unbelievers who are willing to hear more about Jesus—32 of whom are Jewish. So far one Jewish person and fifteen Gentiles have prayed to receive the Lord! Please pray for God to use this campaign to do a mighty work in the hearts of many more Jews and Gentiles in Budapest!

You can see on the left how someone tried to destroy the sign.


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