Peace by Piece

From Dan Sered, our Israel director: “It seems that siren alarms are becoming a routine for us in the greater Tel Aviv area (Gush-Dan) as hundreds of rockets have been fired at Israel from Gaza. Last Thursday the sirens sounded in the city of Petach Tikva where I and several other staff live. My wife Dinah, the kids and I went into our bomb shelter room and waited for 15 minutes until it was safe to come out. That same batch of rockets caused alarm sirens to go off all over Gush-Dan. The Iron Dome (anti-missile defense system) was activated and once again destroyed the rockets from Gaza in the air—but a fragment from one of those rockets fell on a gas station near the Moishe Rosen Center. Our Massah team was in the building, gathered in the secure zone when they heard the big boom. Praise God, no one was hurt and there was only minimal damage to property. As I write these words, rockets are continuing to be fired from Gaza into Israel. Cities in the south of Israel are affected the most, as they are closest to Gaza.

“Our missionaries have responded by conducting a survey about peace and security, attempting to engage people in spiritual conversations and to point people to Yeshua, the Prince of Peace. Massah has employed some creative new creative approaches to minister to people and to engage them in gospel conversations. Thank you for encouraging us with your prayers and your partnership in our ministry.”

You can see Massah’s creative approach in this photo with the “Peace by Piece” wall; Massahniks invited people to post their hopes for peace on one of the puzzle pieces. And of course they were able to express our belief that Yeshua is the “missing piece” in the search for peace. This was the team’s last week in Israel before moving on to India. In the midst of daily sirens (which meant stopping everything to go to a secure place as rockets were fired from Gaza), they were eager to prayerfully imagine, create and lead this outreach. That night, the team had 145 interactions with people (sharing briefly that we are Jews who believe in Jesus) and 41 gospel conversations, (more in depth than the interactions). The team really struck a chord with this outreach… and it was a great encouragement as they move on to the next phase of Massah… meeting Israeli backpackers in India.

Our Israel team asks prayer for:

  • a quick resolution to this crisis. Pray for wisdom for all leaders involved.
  • protection for citizens of Israel, Gaza and the West Bank
  • safety for our staff, our families and Massah.
  • David Minsky as he continues to do his reserve duty in the IDF
  • wisdom, strength and courage for our Jews for Jesus Israel staff

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