JFJ thanks IDF in Ashdod

One of our Israeli staff, Alex Adelson (who has served in the IDF), led a team to Ashdod to show appreciation to IDF soldiers who are risking their lives to protect this tiny country. Offering bags of sweets and words of appreciation is just one way to be an ambassador for Yeshua, the Prince of Peace. Please continue to pray for His peace to be poured out in the Land, and pray for the families of our staff there, especially the children. We hope these stories of our time in Ashdod will help you pray for our staff and those they are reaching out to.

Markus Rantanen: As I was offering bags of sweets and words of thanks to soldiers in the Ashdod train station, many had to hurry to catch the train, but smiled as they took the bag. Near the end of our time, the rocket sirens started to wail loudly. We took cover under the train stairs near the elevator. Suddenly we heard two big “booms.” The Hamas rocket was aimed quite near us and the Iron Dome intercepted the missile in the sky above us. I began speaking to the nearest soldier (all activity had ceased for the moment) and shared my faith with him. I told him that I have three good reasons to love Israel: Israel gave me the Tanakh (the Hebrew Scriptures), my beautiful wife Avigail (pictured below, with the “baby bump”), and the Messiah Yeshua. As I shared my story with him (my wife helping with the Hebrew), he asked questions and was open to hear more. Please pray for his protection and salvation. He is serving in the navy near Gaza, defending Israel’s seaside against terrorists.

Alex Adelson: We included the Book of Psalms in as many of the bags of sweets as we could, as we thanked our soldiers in Ashdod. Ashdod has been under massive rocket attacks during the last three weeks. The soldiers were very excited and thanked us for showing we appreciate what they are doing. Some of the soldiers also received our gospel pamphlets, which we offered separately from the bags. It was a great opportunity to show appreciation and share the love of Yeshua. Pray for peace.

A couple of notes:

These photos were taken by Peter Nasser, on staff with Jews for Jesus. Peter is an Arab Christian married to a Jewish believer in Jesus.

If you see tweets linking us to folks handing out New Testaments at Iron Dome headquarters, that wasn’t us. We’ll continue to inform you of stories that pertain to JFJ.


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