Budapest campaign off to great start!

Training for our Budapest campaign had ended. The plan was to have the day off, followed by a consecration service in the evening. But when the team heard about a pro-Israel rally outside the large Dohány Utcai Synagogue, they knew we needed to be there and sent a team of seven. Aaron Lewin says, “It was great to be there proclaiming the truth, especially given the crowd’s strange mix of Chabad, Neo-Nazis and Pro-Palestinian supporters.”

Kata Tar says, “We had the perfect tract to hand out: ‘Good News from Israel.’ The good news, of course, is the gospel message. In just 45 minutes, we handed out over 1200 tracts and seven people gave us their contact information, including one Israeli.

“Everyone was ‘selling their wares’ so to speak. Orthodox Jews had set up a tefillin station to get people to put on phylacteries. Far-right Jobbik party members and Palestinian supporters were there with anti-Israel banners. Police were everywhere. How could we not be there, offering people the only real hope for Israel, for the Middle East, and for the world—the Messiah Jesus!

“At one point, a young Orthodox woman stopped near me and stared at the mounting crowd. Though it’s had to believe, she didn’t know what was going on, and so she asked me, ‘What’s this?’

“‘It’s a rally for Israel,’ I said and then added, ‘May I ask you a question? Who do you think Jesus is?’

“She stared a bit coldly at me, then at the words on my shirt – Zsidók Jézusért (Jews for Jesus). ‘I think he was a false prophet,’ she replied.

“‘Can you tell me a prophecy He made that was false?’ She couldn’t. So she turned the tables and said, ‘Can you tell me one he made that was true?’ I smiled warmly, and silently thanked the Lord for such a wonderful opportunity.

“‘As a matter of fact, I can. Jesus prophesied that the Temple would be destroyed, and it was. But more importantly, He prophesied that He would die for our sins and the sins of the world, and then rise from the dead—and He did.” We talked a bit more, but when I asked for her name and contact information, she pulled back. ‘I’m going to get a cup of coffee and think about this,’ she said. ‘Then I’ll come back.’

“But predictably, she didn’t. Even so, I know that seed was sown. Please pray that this woman will encounter us again during the campaign. Pray that someday, she’ll know that Yeshua is not a false prophet at all, but the promised prophet like Moses in whom we must believe.”


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