Berlin wrap-up

All told, in two weeks our Berlin outreach team prayed with 7 Jewish people and 49 Gentiles to receive the Lord! They received contact information from 143 Jewish seekers and 298 Gentile seekers willing to hear more about Jesus and handed out 153,905 gospel cards and pamphlets. Below are stories of some of the people represented by those numbers. Please pray for God’s continued blessing on the gospel seed that He enabled us to sow in Berlin.

Ira:  On the very first day of our campaign, a Polish Jewish man named Krzysztof gave us his phone number. Magda, one of our Polish campaigners called him.  Krzysztof had just lost his wife and daughter in a car crash a few months ago and needed to talk about it. During the campaign, Magda continued to minister to Krzysztof by phone. She invited him to the “Forbidden Peace” film which we showed the second to last day of campaign. Krzysztof came, and afterward stayed to talk to Magda and another Polish believer. By the end of the evening he had prayed to receive the Lord!

That same night, a man named Christian came to see the film. He’d taken a broadside from Nathalie a few days before and had lots of questions.  He was looking for answers and he found them—after the film, Christian also prayed to receive Jesus!

Brigitte: We passed out tracts and invitations to come see our “Forbidden Peace” film at Wittenberg Platz, just across from a pro-Israel solidarity rally. Ran and Rinab, a Jewish couple, approached us, asking what was going on. We told them about the rally, and that we were standing with Israel, praying that God would keep His hand over His people. I also explained that we were with Jews for Jesus, and that we believe that Yeshua is the Messiah of Israel. I suggested they find out about the Messiah for themselves by reading the Tenach. They were interested, and gave us their emails for follow-up. What a joy it was to tell this dear Jewish couple about their Messiah.

Ron: I was on a sortie when it started to rain. I went to seek cover, and ended up standing next to a family from Israel. We struck up a conversation when they asked me why I wasn’t afraid to wear my Star of David. I replied, “I’m a Messianic Jew and Yeshua will protect me.” They were interested in hearing more, and gave me their contact information.

Rob: An estimated 500,000 people showed up at the Brandenburg Gate for a celebration when the German team won the World Cup. There I met Andrea, a Jewish woman from France who seemed open to the gospel. When I invited her to our film showing, she told me she’d been to another film showing of ours two years ago. Andrea asked for a second invitation flyer for her husband, who might come with her to the film. Please pray for this couple. 

Beate: I had a wonderful day at Brandenburg Gate, the heart of our nation.  There was an incredible amount of people there, including schools groups and tourists. I handed out 1,100 broadsides, a personal record for me, and had many conversations. May the scattered seeds be exceedingly fruitful for building of God’s kingdom!

Paula: At Brandenburg Gate I met five young Israeli women from Jerusalem. They explained that they were on a short vacation before reporting for service with the Israeli Defense Forces. I began to talk to them about Yeshua. I shared my belief that He is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. All five women were interested in hearing more, and gave me their contact information. Afterwards, they allowed me to pray for their safety, and that they all come to know Him, the Messiah Yeshua, as their Savior.

Also from Paula: I was walking from Alexanderplatz when Derac, a young homeless man, caught my attention. I stopped and asked him, “Who is Jesus?” Derac’s response was, “The church wants nothing to do with me, and I want nothing to do with them!” I explained to Derac that Jesus wanted to have a personal relationship with him.  “Jesus died as payment for all the bad things we’ve done, and rose from the grave proving that He is God.” I said that we needed to acknowledge that Jesus died for us, ask for His forgiveness, and invite Him into our life. Derac listened, gave me his contact information—and prayed to receive Jesus! At the end of the prayer he said, “Jesus is now in my heart.”

From our “Forbidden Peace” event


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