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Photo by Leonid Dolganovsky

Why bring the gospel to a city with a history of hatred toward our Jewish people? And how do people in Berlin respond? Greeting people with the love of Jesus is a story of the peace and reconciliation only made possible by and through Him. As of last Friday, the fifth full day of our Berlin campaign, 83 Jewish seekers and 178 non-Jewish seekers gave us contact information so they can hear more about the Lord. Thirty-eight people have made first time professions of faith in Yeshua (Jesus) and five of those people are Jewish. The team has hand delivered 77,525 gospel broadsides. Would it surprise you to know that many of our encounters are with Muslims? For example:

Lanell Adona reports, “A man passing out fliers for a night club asked what I was passing out. His English was not so good, but I gathered enough to know that he was Muslim and from Bangladesh. Since he only spoke a little English, and my German is not so great, I figured that I would just not speak with him. But then I got the feeling that I should try to speak to him in German (which he spoke better than English). I then proceeded to give him the gospel in German which, to my surprise, and by the power of the Holy Spirit, was the best German that I have ever spoken. He seemed to understand everything that I was saying, and stated that it could be true that Jesus is the Messiah, but that he wasn’t sure. I gave him a flier for a gospel film we are showing, and he seemed interested in attending. Thanks be to God, this man at least heard the gospel.”

And from Ira Voladarska, “One of our teams was handing out broadsides near a pro-Palestinian rally, about 400 men strong. A large man, one of the leaders of the rally, approached our Leonid and asked what he thought he was doing there. Leonid said he and the team were preaching Jesus.

“The man asked, ‘Why don’t you preach Islam?’

“‘Because I believe in Jesus. Do YOU believe in Jesus?’

“‘I believe he was a great prophet! And I will kill anyone who would dispute this!’ the man proclaimed. Then he added, ‘Go ahead, keep doing what you are doing’ —and went away.

“So, we keep doing what we are doing and will continue to appreciate your prayers for the team’s safety and—most importantly—boldness!”


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