Warsaw Campaign Highlights


Julia reports: I met a young Malaysian man who speaks six languages (one being Polish). He is Muslim but told me he has read the Tanakh and New Testament (in several languages). He wanted to know how Jewish people can believe in Jesus. I shared the gospel, and he said that he wanted to talk more. I asked him, ‘If Jesus did die for your sins and rose from the dead, would you be willing to follow Him, whatever it may cost you?’ He replied, ‘Yes! But I need to know that it’s true.’ Please pray as our Polish follow-up team calls him, that he will come to know Messiah!

“I spoke with Agata, a 21-year-old Jewish Buddhist girl whose grandmother was in the Warsaw ghetto and is still alive today. Although the young girl is studying Buddhism, she gave her full contact info and is open to receiving information about Jesus.”

Barry reports: “I prayed for God to send me a Jewish person to speak to, and soon a Jewish woman named Anna came to ask me what I was doing. She only spoke Polish, so I called Derek, one of our Polish volunteers, to speak with her. He told her about Jesus, and she gave him her contact information.

“During our lunch break in Warsaw’s Old Town, we talked to a Polish Jew from a famous film-making company. He was very open, so we shared the gospel and he gave his contact information.

“In the Old Town I met Victor and his father. They are Russian-Israelis. Victor was easy to spot, as he had an Israeli flag wrapped around him! They were here for the football. I shared about Jesus with them and when asked if they wanted more information Victor gave his contact information happily!

“At Centrum Fan Zone I saw a man wearing a shirt that said, ‘Sell your soul for 25$!’ So I said, ‘Hi! You can give your soul to Jesus for free!’ We spoke and he shared that he was Jewish and his grandmother had changed her name to hide her identity from the Nazis. I shared about Jesus being the Jewish Messiah. I asked him if he would like to know more. He was happy to give his contact info!”

Steve reports: “As I was handing out our gospel literature in the Old Town of Warsaw, an Israeli woman named ‘D’ came up to me all excited. She had a lot of New Age beliefs but as we spoke, to my amazement, she told me that she had read the B’rit Hadashah (the New Testament). I explained sin, salvation and Jesus to her; she seemed to agree with the gospel message, and she prayed with me to receive the Lord!

“After she prayed, I gave her a Hebrew gospel booklet, which she gladly took. Please pray for D, that her prayer to receive her Messiah will grow into a transforming relationship with God, that her husband (who is abusive) will get saved, and that God would restore, heal and renew this couple. Pray too as our Polish Christian friends in Warsaw seek to contact D, that she would want to receive further ministry.”

Paula reports: “I met a 70-year-old Jewish man whose mother survived the Jewish ghetto in Warsaw and had eighteen children! He spoke some Hebrew and had lived in Israel for a year. There was a language barrier between us, but I gave him some literature about Jesus in Hebrew and Polish, and he gave me his address and phone number to hear more from us!

“I also met a Muslim man from Saudi Arabia who was reading the Bible in Arabic! He believed that Jesus was just a prophet and not God. I gave him some verses to look up in his Arabic Bible. I believe he was challenged, because later he did ask for the Gospel of John in Arabic. He gave me his first name and email address and wanted to talk more. Please pray for these two men, Jew and Arab, that as they read the Scriptures, they would repent and turn to Jesus!”

Here are some closing remarks from campaign leader Julia Pascoe: “The thought of leading an outreach in Poland for me was exciting but scary. How would our team share the gospel when we don’t speak Polish? How would we reach a broken, hurting nation? We called this outreach ‘Life from the Dead.’ So many people perished in Poland during World War II. We know the scars still remain. We know that Jesus can redeem and give eternal life to those who repent and turn to Him. So we prayed and trusted God to provide all we needed.

“God truly answered our prayers and provided our every need according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus! He raised up thirteen devoted Polish Christian friends who between them, came out on the streets with us handing out gospel literature, cooked for us, communicated, translated and helped with problem solving. I am extremely excited that six of these Polish friends want to continue the work, making contact with those people who expressed a desire to know more about Jesus. Over the ten days we spent in Warsaw, it became clear that so many in the city are desperate to hear about God’s love and mercy.

“We thank God for what He is doing in Warsaw. What a privilege to serve and stand shoulder to shoulder with our Polish friends, proclaiming the gospel to Jews and the nations! Please pray that God would water the many seeds planted in the hearts of people during our time in Warsaw. Pray for fruit that would remain.”


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