Kiev Campaign Highlights

Kiev Campaign Highlights

Pavel reports: “As I was giving out tracts in the street today, I met a woman who talked so much that I could not get a word in. Finally, she stopped and asked, ‘Young man, why do you look so Jewish?’ To which I replied, ‘Because I am Jewish!’ ‘Oh, but I am Jewish, too!’ she exclaimed. I said, ‘Hallelujah! Then stop talking right now and let me tell you something important!’ I had a chance to share the gospel, after which Rosa prayed to receive the Lord as her Savior!”

“Before I came to know the Lord, I worked with a Jewish woman who was high ranking in Kiev’s criminal authority system. After I came to know the Lord, I often thought about her and prayed for her. I wanted to be the one to tell her about the Lord. And God gave me this chance: she approached me as I was giving out tracts in the streets of Kiev! When I told her about Jesus and how He saved me and changed my life, she said, ‘You know, I think I’m tired enough of everything else to want to get to know this Jesus, too.’ She gave me her full mailing address and phone number for follow-up!”

Mikhail L. reports: “During our musical performance at a metro station, I noticed a sad-looking man listening attentively to us. So I decided to talk to him. Vasya had just been released from jail, had no permanent home but was staying with a friend. He listened to the gospel with bright eyes and immediately said ‘yes’ to my offer of repentance. After praying with me, he gave me his friend’s home address for follow-up.”

Susanna reports: “After praying for several days for Jewish contacts, I was finally able to share the gospel with a Jewish man named Leonid. He listened carefully but did not answer any of my questions. Or rather, he answered in a Jewish manner, with questions of his own. But he was interested enough to give me his mailing address, which turned out to be in Berlin, where incidentally I’m going for my next campaign. I hope the Lord will continue to use me in ministering to Leonid while I am in Germany.”

Olga reports: “I met a Jewish student, Denis, who will be starting college in Odessa, where I live, this fall. He seemed sincerely interested in learning more about Jesus, so I look forward to continued ministry to him when I go back there.”

Ilya reports: “I was praying that I would meet more Jewish contacts during my sortie when a woman approached me. She was Jewish, wanted to talk to me about God and was very pleased to hear the gospel. She said ‘yes’ to my offer to pray with her to receive Jesus into her heart and she gladly followed me in the prayer of repentance. Please pray for Liza’s growth in the Lord!”


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