Thank you for praying! We’ve got loads of news concerning activities we asked you to pray for last month: 4th of July outreaches, Witnessing Campaigns in New York City, Berlin and Frankfort, Camp Gilgal and Massah.

The Fourth of July

Independence Day is always a great time for us to proclaim liberty in Jesus throughout our United States branches. In New York City our campaigners, along with an influx of other volunteers and staff from our branch, handed out 45,650 gospel tracts!

Phoenix Branch Photos

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Meanwhile, our Phoenix branch did a sortie in Tempe Arizona at the Tempe Town Lakes July 4th festival. Leader Bruce Rapp reports, “It was only 105 degrees !! We distributed 300 bottles of water and 3,500 broadsides! It was great to have ten volunteers with us, including friends from a local Messianic congregation.”

Our Chicago branch participated in the Skokie 4th of July Parade. Lyn Bond drove the Jews for Jesus van and the rest of the staff marched and carried a banner, handing out gospel tracts and waving. While we were waiting in the staging area, we got into some conversations with Jewish people, one of whom gave us her business card for further contact. There was a live camel, but his trainer objected to us posing (in our Jews for Jesus T-shirts) for a picture. Several of our contacts commented later that they had seen us in the parade.

Pray for the gospel seeds that were sown in these and other branches on the 4th of July.

Camp Gilgal

Camp Gilgal is a Messianic camp for Jewish children and youth and is a big part of Jews for Jesus’ ministry to these age groups. This year is our 20th summer! On June 26, Jewish children and youth ages eight to twelve years came together for camp in New York and California to have loads of fun and grow in their identities as Jewish followers of Messiah. This year’s junior camp Bible lessons were based on the book of Genesis and centered around the theme, “He is faithful to all generations.”

In New York, 34 campers enjoyed Tabernacle Time (worship and Bible lessons), as well as activities such as archery, swimming, Hebrew and horseback riding. Almost everyone had memorized our entire Scripture passage (Psalm 145:3-13) by the end of camp; one camper learned it by the third day! One of the girls from a somewhat unstable background was struck by how loved she felt by everyone and thanked us for showing her God’s love. By the end of the two weeks, twelve campers rededicated their lives to Yeshua, and two campers surrendered to Him for the first time.

Meanwhile on the West Coast, 54 campers attended our largest junior camp in ten years. During camp, seven campers surrendered to Yeshua, and ten more rededicated their lives to Him.

Every year as part of West Coast Gilgal, we participate in Columbia’s glorious Fourth of July parade. This year we sang “Psalm 23” and “Prince of Peace” as we marched in the parade, wearing our Camp Gilgal T-shirts. The campers won the best singing group award for the parade. Afterward, we spent the rest of the day in Columbia, enjoying the games, the town and drinking sarsaparilla. It was a great opportunity to represent the Lord, and some of our staff met Jewish people who were open to hear them about Yeshua.

Our teen camp in New York is currently in progress (July 10-17), and our teen camp in California is about to begin (July 17-23). Adventure camp for high schoolers in both New York and California will be July 30 through August 6. Please pray for these campers, that their hearts and minds will be open to receive what the Lord has for them this summer.

Germany “Light of the World” Campaign

The campaign began on June 22 in Berlin and will continue there through July 16. Meanwhile, on July 9, three team members went on to Frankfort where they were joined by seven more, and will continue outreach there through July 17. We’ll have the final wrap-up for you next month. In the meantime, please rejoice with us and pray for the many Jews and Gentiles whose hearts have already been touched. Our European director, Avi Snyder, reports:

“God answers prayer! The weather forecast for Berlin called for rain through the 11th of July. The first day that we were ‘hit’ with rain, the team still managed to hand out nearly 10,000 tracts for the day. The first day of our second week, the weather started out extremely foreboding. But we prayed and asked God to hold back the rain. And He did.

The whole team has a great desire to reach the 9,000-15,000 Israelis now living in Berlin. That’s why we invited six Jews for Jesus from Tel Aviv to take part in this outreach. Also standing alongside us is a faithful core of German and former Muslim volunteers. And standing behind all of us are the German and American stewards who’ve volunteered to take care of the administrative details. You’re part of this campaign team as well, because your prayers are crucial to all that we’re doing. Praise the Lord-the majority of the team members (not just the Israelis) have interacted with inquisitive Israelis every single day! Many are still reluctant to give us their names and addresses for follow-up ministry but they have heard the gospel from us, and many have happily accepted Hebrew copies of the Gospel of Mark or John that we carry in our bags.”

Click here for lots more campaign highlights and a few photos that we hope will bless and encourage you.

New York City Summer Witnessing Campaign

As you receive this, the third week of our campaign will have just ended. Thus far, campaigners have handed out 367,495 evangelistic tracts and postcards, have received contact info from 259 Jewish and 487 Gentile seekers and have prayed with 43 people to receive the Lord, four of whom are Jewish.

Please pray for the home stretch of the campaign. Next month we will give you a final wrap-up, and we hope, lots of photos; meanwhile, we hope you will be blessed by the following reports.

Click here for reports from this yearfs campaigners as they were training at Moody Bible Institute.

Click here for reports from the actual campaign.


Our Massahniks are now leaving Israel en route to India. Thanks for helping pray them through the first part of the journey; please keep upholding them through the second part. Click here for team members’ reflections on their adventure so far, and some photos from their time in Israel.

OOPS to newsletter readers

If you get our print newsletter, our apologies for the confusion regarding the insert. The newsletter has a brief article about our broadsides and shows the cover of one that our campaigners are handing out this month. That article mentions that we’ve inserted the broadside for you to read. And indeed, we did insert a copy of the broadside — in the previous month’s newsletter! Again, sorry for the confusion.