World Cup Outreach

The team went to a huge fan park in Mary Fitzgerald Square where enormous TV screens had been set up so people could watch the games for free. Campaigners Barry and Bruce were overwhelmed by the eagerness of many Africans on the street to hear the good news of the gospel.

Bruce reports:

The following day we went to Rustenburg to give out gospel leaflets at the England vs. USA match. For Barry and me it was an amazing experience as many British fans took gospel broadsides from us—which is not normally the case in London, where so many refuse to talk or interact with us on the street.

“On the first full day of the South Africa Gold Cup Soccer Campaign, we made our way to the Soccer City Stadium where South Africa played Mexico. The news reports claimed that there were over 90,000 people in attendance! As the people paraded by, we gave them a Jews for Jesus tract entitled ‘Is There Anything More Important than Football?’ The broadside drew a lot of attention as did our Jews for Jesus T-shirts.”

Michael reports:

“We were blessed to have five volunteers from Witbank (a church 150 km [93 miles] from Johannesburg) join us for the outreach on a Friday and Saturday. They came with co-laborer, Susan Schmidt. One of the team members, Gladys, was able to minister to a witch-doctor, explaining the truth of Jesus and the freedom He brings us.”

(We also praise God that Barry, Alison and Michael had a TV-interview that was broadcast to 33 African countries on July 7.)

Penny reports:

“I was paired with Sifeeso, a 26-year-old woman who had joined us from Witbank. We were in a mall wearing our gospel T-shirts. I was praying about God leading us to someone with whom we could share Messiah. With five minutes before we were due back to our meeting spot, I sat down on a bench next to a South African woman. I asked the woman if I could ask her a question. She didn’t reply. ‘Who do you think Jesus is?’  She looked very hesitant to answer, took 45 seconds and still hadn’t given me an answer. I proceeded to share the gospel with her, then asked if she believed. ‘Yes, I think I do,’ she replied. Still, she was hesitant and asked if she had to go to church if she believed in Jesus. I explained that it was important for believers to meet together to encourage each other.  I told her how God wanted a relationship with her but that she needed to say ‘yes’ to Jesus—she needed to receive Him as her Savior and Lord. She really wrestled with that. Her objection was ‘I don’t have time to pray.’  

“‘It won’t take long at all,’ I encouraged her. At this point, Sifeeso joined in the conversation, encouraging her.

“‘It’s been so long since I’ve prayed,’ the woman mumbled. ‘I don’t know how.’  

“‘Pray after me,’ I said. She wanted to. She took both of our hands and together as we sat on the bench, we prayed aloud.  I begged God to give this woman the assurance of her salvation. She opened her eyes after we were done and I instructed her about beginning to read in the Gospel of John and about a few other things. She looked at Sifeeso and me and said, ‘THANK YOU. Thank you so much. THANK YOU for what you are doing!! Thank you for speaking to me!’  We hugged and told her we loved her. She had SUCH joy on her face. She knew that what she had done was real and that the Holy Spirit had taken up residence in her life.”

Bruce reports:

“On a morning rush hour banner sortie, a motorcyclist in full gear jumped the curb of the island where Tzachi and I were holding the banner and waving as cars went by. We both felt that this might be a hostile situation, as he came upon us quite quickly. As the man stopped his bike about six feet from us and slowly began to take off his helmet, we braced for the attack that we both felt was about to come.

“As he walked toward us I noticed that he was wearing a dark pair of sunglasses—I could not see his expression at all! I thought ‘Lord, into thy hands do I come.’ Suddenly the man stuck out his hand and said, ‘I wanted to stop and tell you how much I appreciate seeing you Jews for Jesus all over Johannesburg.’ He pointed out the ‘Jesus Saves’ decals on the bike and said he just wanted to encourage us.

“Wow, was I ever wrong!  The man, whose name was Char, talked with Tzachi and I about ministry for a while and about his witness to the people here in the city. Before Char left, the three of us decided to pray, holding hands. Three men from three different countries, South Africa, Israel and America were praising God in the middle of a Johannesburg. People must have taken notice because there were constant horns beeping as cars drove by. I can only imagine the story those commuters received. Please pray for Char and for the people of Johannesburg as they are reminded of Jesus, Jews for Jesus and the Christian community here.”


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