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Serpil reports, “A homeless man was sitting on the sidewalk selling a newspaper. He asked me about Jews for Jesus so I knelt down beside him and we talked. He said his name was Maccarone and that he had lost everything in life – his wife and daughter; he was praying to God; and he knew he was sinful. I shared the gospel message with him and told him that Jesus can take away his load and his sins from him. I asked him if he was ready to receive the Lord. He was willing immediately —so we prayed! Please pray for the Lord’s intervention into Maccarone’s life.”

Jessica reports, “It was a new corner for me, with ear-pounding bulldozers on the right, the tram on the left, the blazing sun above, and the crowd coming in haste. The Spirit in me began singing the names of the Lord, and praying that His kingdom would come right there on that corner. ‘O Lord,’ I prayed, ‘I would love to pray with someone to receive You right here on this corner.’ Shortly after I murmured that prayer, a man came gliding by on a bike, and with a slight nod of his head, directed me to toss a broadside into his bicycle basket. Within minutes, he returned and asked me to explain why I was there. After giving him the gospel, finding out that he was a ‘praying’ Muslim, and gently explaining to him that we must come to Jesus as children—he looked at me with vulnerability and readiness. ‘Ahmed, have you ever asked Jesus to forgive you?’ I asked. He wanted to, and we prayed together. Amid all the surrounding cacophony, the sweet canopy of Christ’s presence sheltered us. Ahmed’s tone, posture, and smile were beautifully childlike, and he asked me for a Bible. When I saw him a few days later, he urged me to give a broadside to a man who was sitting near him. I pray that he soars in faith, remains rooted in Christ, and joyfully draws water from the wells of salvation all the days of his life.

“What is especially delightful is that the very day before, I had been entreating the Lord to teach me how to relate to Muslims. I think He taught me:  Just come to Him as a little child, and trust Him to work out all the details.”

Avi reports, “As I ‘swept’ along the pedestrian pathway in Essen that leads toward the Hauptbanhof (main train station), I saw a middle-aged man walking very intentionally toward me with an outstretched hand. Only a few minutes before, I had prayed that God would give me a Jewish contact on this morning sortie. Now, as I handed him a tract, he said to me in German, ‘Jews for Jesus. This is very interesting.’

“‘What do you think about Jesus?’ I asked. ‘Do you have an opinion about Him?’  He said nothing for a moment, so I prompted. ‘A myth?  An historical figure?’

“‘Yes, historical,’ he said. ‘But much more. Perhaps the greatest historical figure. I can’t think of anyone who has impacted history more.’

“‘I agree. In fact, I believe that He’s the Messiah of our people and the Savior of the world who died for our sins and who rose from the dead.’

“I wondered how he would respond, but he seemed to be paying very little attention to my words. He was more intent upon rummaging through his briefcase. After a few seconds, he found what he was looking for. ‘Here,’ he said, as he handed me his business card with all his contact information on it. I glanced at the card. Avram was an Israeli artist, visiting Germany from Israel. ‘Send me more information,’ he said as he started to walk away as briskly as he’d first approached. ‘Tell me more.’  Please pray for Avram, and for the gospel seed that was sown in many lives during this fifteen-day outreach.”


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