Behold Your God Israel (Sharon)

Anna Marie reports,“We were in a busy industrial area today at lunchtime and no one seemed to have time or interest to stop and talk. I saw a woman smoking a cigarette down the path from where I was and decided to talk to her. She seemed amused by my questions so I didn’t think it was a very fruitful conversation. But then she asked, “Why are you doing this?” and I told her that I believed that Jesus fulfilled the prophecies in Tanakh and that he was the Jewish Messiah. Then I asked if it wasn’t time for her to look into whether Jesus is the Jewish Messiah and she gave me her contact information. Please pray for her as she searches.”

Oded reports, “I was talking to people on the street in Petach Tikvah and asked an older man named Sasson who he thought Jesus is. He said, ‘I don’t know. Why don’t you tell me?’ I explained the gospel to him and then continued with the survey and explained the answers. He said, ‘I would like to have my sins forgiven.’ I asked him if he wanted to invite Jesus into his heart to be his Lord and Savior. I told him we could pray right then, so we prayed on the street. His manner of conversation had been very playful, so I wasn’t sure if he was serious. But at the end he became very serious and said, ‘I will never forget your beautiful words and wisdom.'”

Rob reports, “While I was approaching people in Herzlyia, a man quickly gave me his address to receive our free book, but then he ran off. Within a half an hour he returned and apologized for having been in such a hurry earlier. He asked what I had wanted to tell him and I explained the entire gospel to him. He told me that a Jewish believer in Jesus in Bolivia had told him about Yeshua two years earlier. When I asked for his phone number so that we could be sure to connect with him, he was happy to give that to me.”

Vladimir reports,“We only had about 45 minutes to do telephoning and I wondered what we could accomplish in so short a time. After we prayed, God blessed us with five contacts, and one person prayed with Natasha to receive Yeshua! Another person I talked to had already been reading the New Testament. I was able to tell her about a congregation near her and she sounded eager to attend. I had great encouragement in that short amount of time!”


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