London Campaign

Pictured here is the team from last month’s London campaign. In two weeks, campaigners handed out 72,025 broadside tracts, received 587 contacts and prayed with 15 people to receive the Lord.  If you have not yet seen the “Jewish Chronicle” article David Brickner mentioned, please click here.  We were amazed by the clear story this article presented.


Some of our camps have already taken place, but we are in the midst of others, so please continue praying for this ministry to children and youth.  We’ll have a fuller report at the end of the summer.  In the meantime, intern Sean Trank made a video of our West Coast Junior Camp Gilgal. Watch the video below!

4th of July

We thought you would enjoy this photo: a line of people at the Brooklyn Promenade, all reading our broadsides about Jesus!