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New broadside tracts available! Evangelistic outreach in cyberspace! And an update on the next Liberated Wailing Wall team.

For baseball fans, we’ve got two new All-Star broadsides, and boy, are our campaigners excited to hand them out! If you’ve got friends who are into this summer’s super hero blockbuster movies, we’ve also got a new broadside titled “The Problem With Superheroes.”

So you want to be an All-Star?
The Problem With Super Heros
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Want to pray about possibilities for evangelism in the Second Life world of cyberspace?

Second Life Evangelism

Our Second Life Branch – Visit Us

An international Internet phenomenon began in 2003: Second Life, a virtual world where networking and online shopping are king. If you are not familiar with it, imagine a gigantic interactive website where people “sign on” as animated figures and can meet and interact with one another.

Jews for Jesus now has a “cyber branch” in Second Life. Outside our virtual “office” is a billboard that proclaims, “The only hope for peace was born in the Middle East.” Our branch offers free (virtual) T-shirts and broadsides for online sorties!

People tend to congregate at events rather than specific places, so as an experiment, on Wednesday July 9, 2008 at 9:30 AM, we posted an event for 10:00 AM. With just a half an hour’s notice, five people showed up to watch our video “You Can Say Anything Almost” broadcast from the virtual Jews for Jesus branch. An hour-long Bible study/discussion ensued, and a lapsed Christian contact gave her e-mail address to keep in touch.

We look forward to learning how to reach more people through this medium. As summer intern Arielle Rothbard put it, we want to “give Second Life users an opportunity for a second birth through the second Adam.” Please pray for our ministry in this innovative setting.

The new Liberated Wailing Wall team is coming together, but there’s room for two more!

The new Liberated Wailing Wall will begin training on September 15, 2008. Shaun Buchhalter (currently leading our NYC Summer Witnessing Campaign) will lead the team and his wife, Crystal, will direct music. Jennifer Dodsworth will play flute, tenor sax and clarinet (not all at the same time), with Richelle Sowers on trumpet and Alyssa Storm on keyboard. Bus driver Mark Fischer from the last tour is continuing with the team! We are still looking for a few good MEN to join their voices and their hearts and grab hold of this opportunity to travel with our mobile evangelistic music team. If you know of missionary-hearted, musically talented, young Jewish men who believe in Jesus, we would love to contact them about this opportunity. It is life changing, both for those who serve, as well as those they will serve, through gospel music, story and drama. Please contact Jeff Millenson by visiting this link or call 415-864-2600 and ask for him by name.

Shaun and Crystal Buchhalter Alyssa Storm Jennifer Dodsworth Richelle Sowers
Join Us! Mark Fischer Join Us!

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