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World Cup Outreach

We had small teams in each city where the games were played: Gelsen Kirchen, Dortmund, Berlin, Hanover, Stuttgart, N?rnberg and M?nchen. We also handed out tracts in nearby Essen. We handed out a total of 63,000 tracts and heard the comment, You guys are everywhere!”

Participant Jack Delmonte said this about the Jews for Jesus World Cup outreach:

“Flags from every continent filled the cities of Germany, even before the World Cup games began. But one unexpected banner seemed to arrest the attention of a lot of surprised spectators and fans–the banner “Jews for Jesus” in German and English that we wore on our shirts as we handed out our Jewish gospel tracts. Did people take note? Praise the Lord, they did! For example:

An Orthodox Jewish woman stopped to talk with me as I handed out literature in the pedestrian zone at Kings Street in Stuttgart. The words on my shirt captured her attention, and the fact that there are Jews who truly believe in Yeshua puzzled, bothered and intrigued her. She took one of my tracts and asked me some questions. I told her about Jesus and she seemed open to hearing more, but she was clearly nervous about being seen talking to me. She wasn’t yet willing to give her e-mail address or telephone number. But as she was leaving I pointed out our website on the back of our pamphlets. ‘If you go to the site,’ I told her, ‘you can find a lot more information, including a list of prophecies from Tenach that we think clearly point to Yeshua.’ I encouraged her to take a look, and I assured her that if she were to have any questions, we would be more than glad to help out. Please pray that Hannah and many others will have the courage to look and consider the claims of Yeshua, despite fears and concerns.”

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