News from the New York City Summer Witnessing Campaign

Susan and Karol were on Wall Street—which can be a difficult place to engage people in conversation. Each set a goal of five contacts—five people who would be willing to hear more from us. Two people stopped and simultaneously Karol and Susan asked, Who do you think Jesus is?” to each of them. Both people were unbelievers, one Jewish and the other Gentile—and they each gave their contact information at the same time. With only a few minutes left of the sortie (tract passing expedition) Karol had five contacts, and Susan had four. Karol decided that she and Susan would get Susan’s fifth together. She stopped the next person who came by and said, ‘My friend here wants to ask you something,’ and sure enough Susan got the contact.

Oded was inspired by David Brickner’s chapel message to invite more people to be born again. That day he prayed with two Gentiles to receive the Lord!

The first person David Brickner talked to on his noon sortie said he was into Shamanism. David decided to explain the gospel to him and the man prayed to receive Jesus.

One afternoon Susan prayed that God would bring her contacts. And He answered her prayer big time! So many were coming up that before she could finish filling out one contact card someone else was there. One Gentile woman prayed to receive the Lord!

Alona was on break and she prayed that God wouldn’t allow her to rest even during the break, but would give her contacts. After a lunch of Chinese food she stopped for an ice cream. The ice cream vendor gave her his contact information. After that she got another contact in the restroom. She was jumping for joy!

Karol was in the subway with her team, headed up to Central Park. Sitting there was a thirty-something man with a black T-shirt that read “The light at the end of the tunnel… just might be a train,” and that begged for a comment. Karol said, “So I bet you’re the kind of guy that sees the glass half empty,” which opened a conversation with Stewart, a Jewish man, who ended up giving his contact information. It turns out that he had tried Christianity, Buddhism and who knows what else and was very confused about it all. He was very interested in having someone to talk to about it—praise God!

Dave met a Jewish man named Brian in the subway who was really interested. He definitely wanted someone to contact him. So Karol called him right away. He is 26 and was raised Jewish, had a bar mitzvah and such, but at 18 he converted to Mormonism and was in it until he was 24. Karol read Isaiah 53, and it was clear that Brian believed it pointed to Jesus. When asked if he wanted to pray he said yes, but he didn’t feel comfortable praying over the phone, he wanted to do it in person. Karol told him he didn’t have to pray with another person, he could hang up and talk directly to God. She invited him to the meet us at an informal gathering the next day and he said he’d come. Karol said, “Maybe when you come you’ll tell me that you did invite Jesus into your heart.” Pray that he does!


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