Moments in Marseilles

Joshua reports, concerning his first sortie (tract-passing expedition) in Behold Your God Marseilles: It was great weather for the beginning of a Marseilles summer. We were near the port and a nice breeze was keeping us from getting too hot. I was encouraged by the number of people that were taking the broadsides, and how many would come to me and ask for one. One of these people was Shlomo, on his motorcycle. Shlomo is in his 60s and a Franco-Israeli. His family hails from Russia originally, but he lost quite a bit of them to the war and the Holocaust. Shlomo has lived most of his life in Israel serving in the army. He said to me, in Hebrew: ‘I am not religious!’ He feels that we are a bit naive and I asked if he would be willing to sit down and read the Bible and discuss the issue. He wasn’t too keen at first and refused, but at the end he accepted and even looked forward to a possible meeting.”

Also from Joshua, “On the same sortie I met Daniela, another Franco-Israeli in her late 20s. When I told her that we are Jews who believe Jesus is the Messiah, she responded with, ‘Jesus?! But how can he be the Messiah, he died?’ I responded by saying, ‘Yes, but He rose from the dead!’ Daniela finds Jesus interesting, but insists, ‘I cannot believe in God after the history of the Holocaust and the pogroms. How can God exist when he lets his supposedly “chosen” people suffer such things!’ Please pray she overcomes her suspicion and calls out to the Lord. Pray also that she agrees to meet with those who will contact her for follow-up.”

Cyril reports, “I was going door-to-door witnessing in a Jewish apartment building when a Jewish man answered the door and said, ‘Jews for Jesus! Again! When I go shopping you give me leaflets on the streets; someone from Jews for Jesus called on the telephone and asked me, ‘Who do I think Jesus is?’ and now you are even showing up on my doorstep to wish me Shabbat Shalom!”

Also from Cyril, “We handed out invitations to our film ‘Forbidden Peace’ at the gay parade. Veronique, whose father is Jewish and mother is Catholic received one and not only came to the film, but was extremely interested and open. Please pray as local believers follow up with her.”

Stephen reports, “I gave a tract to a young orthodox Jewish man who reacted quite aggressively, speaking to me in Hebrew. I interrupted and told him that if he wanted a conversation in Hebrew I would point him to another member of the team. To my surprise after a couple of moments he told me that he was pleased to see me there. Ishai’s father is a Muslim convert to Judaism and his mother is Jewish. Ishai was keen to give me his contact information to hear more about Jesus.”


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