Josh, Jacques, and Cyril

from left to right, Cyril (a missionary with our Los Angeles branch), Jacques (long-time evangelist with a French ministry called Israel’s Shepherd) and Joshua (recently appointed to lead our Paris branch) await their train in a Marseilles metro station.

Cyril and Mourad

Staff member Cyril “happened” to run into Mourad, whose father is Jewish and whose mother is Algerian, three times in one day! Cyril visited him following the campaign and Mourad is very open to the gospel, but is not convinced of the deity of Jesus. Please pray.

Mustapha Saved

Mustapha, a Muslim, prayed with campaigner Sara (pictured to his left) to receive Christ. Jews for Jesus missionary Cyril Gordon met with Mustapha for a follow-up visit after the campaign and said Mustapha seemed to have had a genuine encounter with the Lord.

Cyril and Hassid

Cyril says some 10,000 Orthodox Jews came to the Dome to hear a famous rabbi speak. One of them was happy to pose for a picture with Cyril—and suddenly all kinds of cameras were popping out as tourists seemed delighted with the photo opportunity.

Four members of the BYG team

from left to right, Cyril, Kristy (a Co-Laborer in Messiah), Eric (from our administrative HQ in San Francisco) and Nancy (also a Co-Laborer)