RealTime July 2005

Campaigning in the 21st Century
July 1, 2005

Handing out tracts on street corners as a method of evangelism is out of date and ineffective.” This opening statement came from a student in the public speaking class I was taking as a first-year student at Moody Bible Institute. All my classmates knew that I was active in handing out tracts on street corners…

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Response to London terrorist attack
Topics: broadsides

We wanted to let you know that none of our staff was harmed in last week’s terrorist attacks on London. Naomi Rothstein, one of our writers at Jews for Jesus San Francisco Headquarters, composed a tract that day titled “Where is ‘Safe’?”. Please feel free to share this with your believing or unbelieving friends. You…

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Report on witnessing campaigns in Marseilles, France and New York City

The two-week Marseilles campaign enabled us to hand out 318,000 broadsides, and receive names of 354 unbelieving Jewish contacts willing to hear more, as well as 322 unbelieving Gentile contacts. Two Jewish people made professions of faith in Christ as well as 13 Gentiles. Thanks for upholding this campaign in your prayers. The only Muslim-related…

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Moments in Marseilles

Joshua reports, concerning his first sortie (tract-passing expedition) in Behold Your God Marseilles: It was great weather for the beginning of a Marseilles summer. We were near the port and a nice breeze was keeping us from getting too hot. I was encouraged by the number of people that were taking the broadsides, and how…

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News from the New York City Summer Witnessing Campaign

Susan and Karol were on Wall Street—which can be a difficult place to engage people in conversation. Each set a goal of five contacts—five people who would be willing to hear more from us. Two people stopped and simultaneously Karol and Susan asked, Who do you think Jesus is?” to each of them. Both people…

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Jews for Jesus storefront window smashed in Australia

Early this month the window of our Sydney storefront was shattered by a young person who threw a rock. While this kind of attention is never welcome or sought, it can still be used to God’s glory. As a result of the vandalism, there were two newspaper articles and one national television spot making the…

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David Brickner Retraction

In the May edition of Real Time I wrote a review of the book Why the Jews Rejected Jesus” by David Klinghoffer. In that review I stated, “Klinghoffer wrongly attributes a statistic to the second century church father Origen–claiming that Origen noted there were fewer than 144,000 Jewish believers in Jesus in Israel by then….

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The next Jewish holiday: Tisha B’Av
Topics: tisha b av

On August 14, 2005, the Jewish people will participate in the annual commemoration of a communal tragedy. Tisha B’Av (the Ninth of Av, a Jewish calendar month) memorializes the destruction of the First and Second Temples in Jerusalem (586 B.C. and 70 A.D. respectively). There are many sites about Tisha B’Av. For example, the Jewish…

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Staff News

Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted. Please join us in praying for the Zaretsky, Moskowitz and Wilk families. Ellen Zaretsky’s mother passed away earlier this week. Jhan Moskowitz’s mother passed away last week and Robyn Wilk’s grandmother passed away the week before that. There is no indication that any of them…

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