New York

This the 30th anniversary of Jews for Jesus New York City Summer Witnessing, Campaigns! To help celebrate, a number of our veteran staff members have been coming in for a week at a time—giving us a fuller campaign roster than we have had in a number of years. Maybe that explains the call we got from the Des Moines Register, a newspaper in Iowa. The reporter had just visited New York City and said that everywhere he went—the Bronx, Brooklyn, all over Manhattan all week—he kept getting our pamphlets. He thought this must be the biggest move of Jews for Jesus in our history! Well, it isn’t exactly, but it has been a great campaign so far. At this point, campaigners have handed out 646,750 broadside tracts, gotten contact information for 221 Jewish and 496 Gentile seekers willing to hear more, and have prayed with 31 Jews and 116 Gentiles to receive the Lord.

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