RealTime July 2004

Pray for Jews for Jesus Witnessing Campaigns Going on Now in New York City and Manchester, England
July 1, 2004

New York This the 30th anniversary of Jews for Jesus New York City Summer Witnessing, Campaigns! To help celebrate, a number of our veteran staff members have been coming in for a week at a time—giving us a fuller campaign roster than we have had in a number of years. Maybe that explains the call…

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A Jewish Holiday About Mourning

When tragedy strikes, we can be overwhelmed with a flood of tears, regrets, shock, disbelief and more. Tragedy can be personal, as in the death of a loved one, or it can be en masse, as in the genocide of an entire community. On July 27, 2004, the Jewish people will participate in the annual…

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Are You a Fan of Zola Levitt?

As our staff is out and about we often meet Christians who ask, Do you know Zola Levitt?” We meet a lot of his fans! Well the answer is yes, we know Zola Levitt, who has been a good friend of Moishe Rosen’s for many years. Zola is an excellent Bible teacher and his insights…

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Order Your New Purple Pomegranate Production Catalogue and Get Free Shipping on Orders of $35 or More!
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At last we have a new resource catalog for those of you looking to browse through messianic books, music, holiday accoutrements, jewelry and more. You can call 415-864-2600, EXT 180 to ask for your free catalog. When you order, mention you heard about the catalog through Jews for Jesus Real Time and receive free shipping…

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