RealTime January 2018

Miles apart yet face to face: an Orthodox Jewish journey to Jesus
January 25, 2018

Sometimes technology is a pain, but wow! It really can open doors, help people to get in contact with one another, and yes, it can even help them connect with God! Here’s how.

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God is saving Jewish people in Moscow!
January 17, 2018

Our Moscow branch leader says it’s a miracle that no one interfered with our outreach right near the Kremlin. Find out more about how God is on the move in Moscow!

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She was singing about a God she didn’t know
January 11, 2018

Igor Barbanel directs our work throughout the CIS. He is based in Odessa, where he is very much involved in the day-to-day work of telling people about Yeshua (Jesus)…

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An Israeli Christmas
January 3, 2018

Many Israelis are curious about Christmas so our Tel Aviv branch hosted a Christmas event for the neighborhood—here’s what happened.

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