Time is running out: pray for Harry!

Time is running out for Harry; please pray for his salvation! This timely request comes from Ron Neumann Mcdevitt, our Co-Laborer in Melbourne, Florida:

“I met Harry about three years ago; a Christian who attends our Bible study referred him to me.

“Harry lost his entire family in the Holocaust. Before being taken captive at nine years old, he was beaten up by other children in Poland simply because he was Jewish. He was moved around to several camps, including Auschwitz.

“Harry has been understandably hurt and bitter about the horrible things the Nazis did, often in the name of God. Yet he ended up marrying a Christian! They were very much in love, and his wife passed away about two years ago.

“I’ve been visiting Harry pretty regularly, and while he’s been cordial, until last week he did not seem particularly open to the gospel. Lately he has been hard to catch because of his declining health. He is now on dialysis four times a week and has a 24-hour caregiver. Harry’s doctors tell him he does not have much time to live. He told me last week that he is making his final arrangements.

“Last week I had planned to stop by and visit him at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, though we did not have a set appointment. I woke up feeling more tired than usual so I slept a little longer. I didn’t get to his house until ten minutes to eleven. He had just gotten home from a doctor’s appointment ten minutes before I arrived. Had I not slept in a bit, I would have missed him!

“Harry was drinking coffee out of a cup that says, ‘Jesus is Lord.’ His wife had many such cups. I’m not sure he even noticed the words when he poured his coffee, so I turned the cup around to make sure he saw the writing. We spent two hours together.

“I’d brought with me a couple of resources passed along by friends: a CD by Josh McDowell titled, ‘Evidence That Demands a Verdict,’ and also a one-page story from one of the soldiers that liberated Buchenwald. Harry said he would listen and read with an open mind.

“Please pray for the Holy Spirit to work on his heart, that Harry might finish this life with saving faith in Jesus. I believe he has less than six months to live, maybe much less.

“I will continue seeing Harry on a regular basis, so please also pray that God will give me direction and wisdom to reach Harry. I want so much for him to go to heaven when he dies.”


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