Pray for our Russian-speaking Israelis

Misha reports, “I’d been wondering if I could meet people on the bus who would want to hear more about Yeshua (Jesus). So last week, when a Russian-speaking Jewish woman took a seat next to me, I decided that if she would ask where I worked, I’d see if she’ll give her contact information to learn more. She soon asked where I worked! I answered and gave a brief explanation of the gospel. She was greatly surprised. But she was more than surprised; she wanted to know more and immediately gave me her contact information. Please pray for Olga.*

“During our lesson in Ulpan,** the teacher gave us the text from an article about the Vatican that mentioned the faith of Christians in “Yeshu” (a corruption of Jesus’ Hebrew name). I got very excited! When it was the proper time to speak, I announced that there was no such name as ‘Yeshu’ in Israel and that it was a distortion of the true name, ‘Yeshua.’  The teacher remarked that probably Greeks omitted the last letter in Yeshua’s name because it did not fit the norms of their language.

“Then I wrote in my notebook what the two names mean. ‘Yeshu’ is an acronym for ‘may his name and memory be blotted out.’ ‘Yeshua’ means ‘God saves’ or ‘salvation.’ The teacher saw what I wrote and told me, ‘I know that. The rabbis gave a wrong translation for the name. And the meaning of the second name, ‘Yeshua = Lord saves,’ is correct.”

“I was glad for the opportunity to speak the truth about Yeshua in Hebrew, and that the teacher understood! Please pray for more opportunities to talk about Him.”

* not her real name
** an ulpan is an institution that helps new Israeli citizens learn the Hebrew language and other basic skills they need to function in their new surroundings.


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