You can’t tell by the photo, but a roomful of Jews for Jesus senior staff were grinning at the screen as we skyped in a report from our team in India during our recent leadership council meeting.

Previous Massah teams have travelled in northern India, but right now we have four of our experienced staff scoping out possibilities for meeting up with Israelis in the tiny state of Goa. It’s on the west coast, with long stretches of beaches that attract many trekkers. Pray for David, Chaim, Liz (the three pictured) and Giselle as they look to share their faith during this two-week expedition, that God will use their love for God, people and the gospel to draw people to Jesus. Pray for Giselle who will be singing and sharing her story at an open mic café. Pray also that the team will be able to see and do all that God wants them to in order to plan for future Massah teams.