Cape Town 2014 wrap-up

The ten-day Cape Town campaign ended on December 26, with 88 seekers, 18 of whom were Jewish, giving their information for further contact. We had the privilege to pray with 28 people to receive the Lord, one of whom is Jewish. We had lots of conversations with people who saw our banners, but also with people who took one of the  23,200 evangelistic tracts and cards we handed out. Cape Town draws many Jewish tourists from all over South Africa and beyond, so campaigners got to reach out to people we’d probably never otherwise meet. Here are some cool stories to help you continue to pray for people we met.

Aden Friedman (an intern with our South Africa branch) reported: “Ricky is a Jewish man who was totally fascinated by the concept of ‘Jews for Jesus.’ He lives in Spain and asked if I had any information he could read on his flight back there. I asked if he would read a New Testament, and he said, ‘Absolutely!’ He received a Bible and gave me his contact details so we can keep in touch.
“While bannering on the beach, I saw about 30 people that I knew from my years at Yeshiva (Jewish religious school). It was rather daunting as they all noticed me, too. I estimate that over 1,000 people saw us there, and many kids came up to either boo or cheer us, based on their parents’ wishes. Pray for those who saw our series of banners.

“We were shopping for a colorful, fun evening outreach when we met two women running a balloon shop. Both were Jewish and we weren’t sure how they would feel about serving Jews for Jesus. However, it was an amazing spirit that we received from them! They were joyfully overwhelmed that we bought so many things from them, and we were able to share the Word with the two of them. They even discounted the supplies for our outreach and wished us well.”

Cape Town beach outreach


Susan Mendelson (who leads our work in Long Island, New York) reported: “While two of us were walking up and down the main road at Sea Point we stopped in to browse at a shop that sells various Jewish items. I asked about a particular book, but the shop owner was shaking her head at our T-shirts. She asked us to leave the shop, adding that she would not sell us anything. My teammate that day lives in Cape Town and has shopped there before.  Please pray that he will be able to go back to the shop and have a witness to the owner—and please pray for her salvation!”

Mishelle reported: “While in Sea Point, some of us stopped at a coffee shop where a Jewish couple and their grown daughter invited us to sit with them. The husband, Isaac,* had many questions. We chatted for a bit and they gave us their contact details to receive more information.  Please pray for Isaac and his entire family to come to know their Messiah, Jesus.”

Paula Perry (one of our co-Laborers from the U.S.) reports: “I met a homeless woman who might have been on drugs or drunk. She was willing to talk and seemed to agree as I shared my faith, but it was hard to tell how much she was actually understanding. However, her 11-year-old son was looking up each Scripture I mentioned, and was reading out loud from the Bible for both of them. I asked them if they wanted to receive salvation. The boy said yes! His mother affirmed that the Bible was God’s Word. The boy then prayed to receive Jesus. Please pray for God’s provision for them, both spiritually and physically.”

Steve Kaplan reported: “A guy named Joel* from Johannesburg approached me while we were witnessing on the beach. He had just lost his business and came down to Cape Town to contemplate life. From a mixed marriage, he was raised with both Jewish and Methodist influences, but had never met Jesus personally. After we talked for a bit about the gospel, Joel prayed with me to receive the Lord. I explained to him the responsibilities of being a believer and it seems he is on the right path!

“An Israeli woman who lives in Durban drove past our banner, pulled over, and asked what we were all about. She seemed really hungry for the truth as she listened to my explanation, and she took a card with more information, including our website. Pray God leads her to the truth!”

Kristen Herberg, (who serves in our ministry at large department) reported: “I came to the campaign as a steward, mainly to work behind the scenes helping with meals as well as with laundry. However I did have the opportunity to do some evangelism as well. One day when I was out ‘tabling’ (meeting people at our literature table) I met an 80-year-old Jewish man who was willing to give his contact information, because, as he explained, ‘When you get to be my age, things change, you start asking questions that maybe you would not have been willing to think about before.’ That was really great, and then we had another conversation with a 40-year-old man who said, ‘You know, my children are grown and out of the house. I think I’m at a time in my life when I’m willing to hear more about what you believe.’”

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Praise God for the gospel seed that was sown and please pray for those who gave us their contact details in Cape Town to continue seeking and to be open to hearing from us and others who are helping to follow up.

*not their real names

Cape Town Arise and Shine outreach

Photos by Iris Adler/Jews for Jesus


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