Why are you taking my picture?

Sam Rood (pictured above in the Jews for Jesus beanie) was one of our missionaries “Heating up Herald Square” last month. Sam happened to see an ultra-Orthodox man using his cell phone to photograph the team. He reports, “In Israel, Orthodox anti-missionaries often do this in attempts to intimidate us.

“It’s not uncommon for secular Jews or tourists to photograph us, but this man was neither. I decided to engage him in conversation; I asked what he thought, prepared for a hostile response. He answered in a thick Yiddish accent, ‘I don’t think anything; I’m just taking pictures!’ I asked if he had heard of Jews for Jesus before. He smiled at me and asked, ‘Are you Jewish? Is your mother Jewish?’ I answered, ‘Yes, are you?’ He laughed and said, ‘I think so!’ I introduced myself to this man, Reuben. Clearly, something about the scene piqued his interest, though he did not want to discuss it just then. Please pray for Reuben to investigate and discover the truth about Jesus.

“Later, I was standing next to our hot-chocolate table when a woman offered me a few dollars, asking, ‘Are you taking donations?’ I explained that we don’t take donations on the street, to which she responded. ‘Okay, well I’m Jewish too, but not for Jesus.’ Her name is Kate, and she was with her husband and their two children. I asked her why she didn’t believe in Jesus and that opened the door to some good interaction. Though she was not open to hearing more about the gospel at this time, she was clearly touched by what we were doing. Please pray with me that Kate reflects on the identity of Jesus and that she comes to understand that He is the Son of God and her Savior.”


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