What about the 858 Israelis who wanted to know more about Jesus?

It’s taken lots of teamwork to follow up on the many people who gave us contact information during the recent Behold Your God Israel campaign. Two of our missionaries remained in the Negev region for two weeks; another returned for a couple of days to help, while a team back at our Tel Aviv branch made lots of phone calls. Plus, no Jews for Jesus team could do much without players–that is, pray-ers–like you! Here’s what’s happened so far:

Thanks to the diligent team members
who put together all the follow-up
packets during campaign

Vlad Mitnitsky reports, "Literature and books went to all 858 people during the actual campaign. Most (781 people) gave their phone numbers as well as addresses, and so far we’ve reached 516 of them. Of those, 181 are open to speaking with us again, and 60 were ready to arrange for an actual visit. Our follow-up team has visited with 18 of those seekers, some more than once (we’ve have 34 total visits so far). Two people the team visited have prayed to profess faith in Yeshua (Jesus).

"Oded and Bimini Cohen (who stayed in the region for two weeks) were blessed to have an elder from a local congregation accompany them on visits. It was great to connect these seekers with local believers. We are continuing to meet with unsaved Israelis one-on-one and there is still a lot of work to be done. Please pray for God’s blessing upon this follow-up work and for spiritual awakening in the Negev!"

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