Amer interacting with a Jewish grandma over hot chocolate

Check out some fun photos of our New York team’s holiday outreach in Herald Square. In case you missed last month’s update, our staff and volunteers set up a free gift-wrapping station and passed out complimentary hot chocolate. It worked so well they did it again.

Despite the cold, the streets were full of holiday shoppers and tourists. We set up two tables again, displaying a simple Jews for Jesus banner beside them. Some staff filled cups, others wrapped presents, or held signs reading “Free Gift Wrapping!” while the rest of the team dispersed and handed out holiday cards entitled “What are you celebrating?” There were lots of conversations with the midtown crowd.

Over the span of two hours, we wrapped dozens of presents, passed out over 20 gallons of hot cocoa and met ultra-Orthodox as well as secular Jews, Christians, agnostics, Buddhists, and everything in between. We discussed our faith and enjoyed showing them Yeshua’s love.

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