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Oded and Bimini Cohen (pictured above) report: "Miki* has been seeking God for years and has been through many phases, including becoming ultra-Orthodox and joining the Gur sect after marrying a Hasidic man who was a part of this radical group. (The Gur is a small minority sect that has heavily persecuted believers in Arad.)

However, she has since divorced and left the group. After that, a good friend shared the gospel with Miki and even took her to a Messianic congregation a couple of times. She did not receive the Lord at the time, but seeds of faith had taken hold.

"Miki was on her way to have major surgery for a serious health issue during our BYG Negev campaign, when she received our broadside titled ‘Eternal Remedy for a Deadly Disease’ and she saw this as a sign from God. Before her surgery, she prayed in her heart, ‘Yeshua, take my life and do whatever you want with it.’

"When we visited Miki, she remarked several times, ‘I cannot believe that I invited total strangers into my home, but I know that this is no coincidence.’ She had a large stack of books on her table about Yeshua, including the New Testament. Oded shared his story and presented the gospel–then asked if she believed. She said yes, and that she not only believed but desired to repent and invite Jesus into her heart as her Lord and Savior. She prayed with us to receive the Lord, and we agreed to meet again soon for Bible study. When Oded called to follow up, Miki said that she’d had a down day, but that she knows Yeshua is with her and that He will not let go of her. Please pray for Miki to grow in her newfound faith and that God might also graciously heal her."

* not her real name


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