RealTime January 2013

A Note From David Brickner: Launchers
January 15, 2013

This past month, I thoroughly enjoyed reading “Amazing Grace,” by Eric Metaxas. The book is a biography of William Wilberforce, well known as a driving force behind the abolitionist movement in late eighteenth and early nineteenth century England. As a member of the British parliament, Wilberforce exerted tremendous energy and influence to end the brutally…

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Dr. Seuss Rose Bowl Parade 2013

Jews for Jesus News
January 14, 2013

Thanks for praying for our holiday outreaches! Want to know how God answered your prayers? More Hanukkah stories from… The Scoop on New Year’s Outreaches in Los Angeles, New York and Tel Aviv More News A Different Way to Spend New Year’s Coming Up

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More Hanukkah stories from...

More Hanukkah stories from…
January 13, 2013

New York City Last month we mentioned that our New York team went to the Upper West Side of Manhattan with a poster of a Hanukkah menorah where people could post the miracle they were hoping for. As well, the team made a video as they asked people on the streets that same question. Missionary…

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Carl Kravitz at Rose Bowl Parade 2013

The Scoop on New Year’s Outreaches
January 12, 2013

Los Angeles Annual Rose Bowl Outreach Volunteer Carl Kravitz prepares to greet parade-goers with the gospel at the crack of dawn JFJ missionary Cyril Gordon reports, “This year was unique in that we handed out cards at the Rose Parade instead of broadsides.  The theme of the parade, ‘Oh the Places You Will Go’ was…

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Spending New Year’s with Students
January 11, 2013

Jews for Jesus booth at Urbana In David Brickner’s article “Launchers,” he mentions how great it is to see large groups of evangelical college students who are passionate about worshiping God and extending His mercy to others. In fact, some of our staff and volunteers had a great opportunity to engage with such students just…

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Carnaval outreach in Rio de Janeiro

Coming Up
January 10, 2013

Please pray for our Carnaval outreach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Feb. 8-13 Branch leader Sergio Danon leads this annual event with volunteers. Pray for grace and stamina for him and the volunteers who’ll join him (including family members), as they reach out to the lost into the wee hours of the morning. Pray for…

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Jewish Facts of Life
January 9, 2013

Israeli Arbor Day? Yes, that’s how some describe the holiday Tu B’shvat, which this year goes from sundown to sundown Jan. 25-26. Click here for more about this holiday, including a message from David Brickner describing its meaning.

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January 8, 2013

If you enjoy contemporary Christian leaders and artists who help unpack the wisdom of godly people who are not-so-contemporary, you will love “Inspired by Tozer: 59 Artists, Writers and Leaders Share the Insight and Passion They’ve Gained from A.W. Tozer.” Receive free shipping if you order online by January 31 using coupon code “RealDeal“ Order…

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Mezuzah in 60 Seconds

Broadside and Video Downloads
January 7, 2013

Videos Broadsides Love Is A Three Letter Word Download: [for printing] [for reading] Valentine’s Day Download: [for printing] [for reading]

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