RealTime January 2012

What’s So Controversial About Moishe Rosen?
January 21, 2012

In less than two months the long awaited biography of Jews for Jesus founder Moishe Rosen will hit bookstores and e-readers across the country. Over seven years in the writing and authored by Ruth Rosen, Moishe’s second daughter, this fascinating chronicle of...

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Jews for Jesus News
January 20, 2012

Our European Board will be meeting later this month, and we’d appreciate your prayer for wisdom for these dedicated men and women as they exercise their oversight. Next month we will be holding our Council Meeting, which is a time of interviewing potential staff...

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Jewish Facts of Life
January 13, 2012

Tu B’shvat, one of the minor Jewish holidays (kind of like Israel’s Arbor Day), will fall on February 7 and 8 this year. Rich Robinson, our head of research whose job it is to “know things” reflected on the holiday in his own unique way. You...

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Real Deals

Free shipping on Bonhoeffer’s biography: 624 pages chronicling the amazing and highly controversial life of a courageous Christian. Deal valid for online orders through January 31, using coupon code “realdeal01”.Click here for more...

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Also in this Edition

Who Needs Politics? Regardless of how you view politics, download our non-partisan gospel tract “Who Needs Politics” and share with friends during this primary season: view the flash animation and share the link and/or download a printable...

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