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Mazel Tov

We are happy to announce the arrival of Yoseph Yochanon Gordon, born Jan 5, 10:30 PM, 6 lb 13 oz, to our Los Angeles missionaries Rhonda and Cyril Gordon.

Phoenix Evangelistic Outreach

Spring Training Games and Campus Evangelism will be focal points for our February 14–28 outreach. Micah Cohen of our Chicago branch will be joining our outpost leader Bruce Rapp and (we hope) a host of volunteers to lift up the name of Jesus.

CLIMS Take Lead in Winter Olympic Outreach!

CLIMS are a special group of trained Jews for Jesus volunteers, and within that group is a corps that calls itself PUMA (Proclaiming Until Messiah Arrives). The PUMA team is set to cover the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada from February 11-21. CLIM Reggie Douglas will lead the outreach with Allen and Penny Abrahamson as his seconds. Rick and Debbie Banhart, Greg Rosenberg, Creasia Brown, and CLIM-Coordinator Carolyne Rohrig make up the rest of the team. This marks the first campaign organized and run by Jews for Jesus CLIMs.

You Are Home

You Are Home is the name of the new recording by New Light Ruins, a band of Jewish believers who we’ve been reporting on along with the rest of the Massah Mobile team. Their music opened many doors for the team to share their hearts and their faith with Israelis in India, Thailand and beyond. Please pray for this recording (probably still being mixed as you receive this) to glorify God and help others know Jesus.

Moishe Rosen health update

In October, Moishe had a non-cancer related illness that interrupted his chemo treatments for nearly two months. He is back on chemo, but the extended break resulted in the cancer spreading to his knees, which has been very painful. He recently had five radiation treatments. We hope that these, in conjunction with the resumed chemo, will reduce his pain and need for pain medications. Your prayers are always much needed and appreciated.

Click here for highlights of things you prayed for last month: Urbana Missions Conference, Capetown outreach and Rosebowl outreach.”


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