RealTime January 2009

The Weapon of Prayer
January 1, 2009

As I write, the headlines are dominated by war and unspeakable violence in Israel and the Gaza Strip. Thus far, the United States is standing by Israel’s efforts to defend herself from thousands of Qassam and Grad rockets that Hamas has been firing into the civilian population areas. Some say that Israel’s response is disproportionate,…

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Jewish Facts of Life

Tu B’Shvat is a minor Jewish holiday that has come to be known as Israel’s Arbor Day, a tree planting festival in Israel and for Jews around the world. The holiday is observed on the fifteenth (tu) of the Hebrew month of Sh’vat, which this year falls on February 8. Learn more about Tu B’Shvat…

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Jews For Jesus News

Please pray for the situation in Gaza as mentioned in David Brickner’s lead article, and especially for Daniel and Gabi, who are part of our Jews for Jesus family in Israel; they have both been called to Army service during this time of crisis. Urgently needed: prayer for a pianist who learns quickly, is a…

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In Other News

On December 14, Israeli authorities detained two American Messianic Jews who were trying to enter the country. Interior ministry officials held them for more than eight hours, alleging that on a previous trip to Israel they had broken a law regarding evangelism. They denied all wrongdoing and believe the incident could be part of a…

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Thank You For Praying

In our last edition, we asked you to pray for our missionaries and volunteers as they ratcheted up their evangelistic efforts to greet as many holiday shoppers as possible with the gospel. Click

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December Evangelism Report

Paris branch leader Joshua Turnil reports that during the month of December, he and faithful volunteers handed out 38,000 broadsides in Paris and Lyon, and received the names and addresses of twelve unsaved Jewish people who want to receive more information about Jesus. From Los Angeles, Cyril Gordon reports on the New Year’s Day outreach:…

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Real Deals

Joel Rosenberg is an American-born Jewish believer in Jesus who is an expert on the political situation in the Middle East. We are offering three of this New York Times best-selling author’s hardcover books at our lowest prices ever! Click here for this great deal! In order to receive this special price break, you must…

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Sneak Peak

Next month’s (print) newsletter includes: an article by David Brickner titled, A Persecuted Church in Israel?”; information on an upcoming tour to Israel; “Varied and Versatile from Boston to Brooklyn and Beyond . . .” (a look at one of our missionary couples); “More than A Musing” from Moishe on loving our enemies; Bits from…

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