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  1. Beautiful Brooklyn is now home to branch leader Karol Joseph and to Jhan and Melissa Moskowitz, our North American director and Brooklyn college-age ministry coordinator. Karol and the Moskowitzes have moved into an apartment/house respectively, and are within walking distance (a mile) of one another. Thank you for your prayers concerning their move.

    The Moskowitzes (originally from New York) are adjusting to being back in New York and finding their rhythm.” Melissa has been busy setting up the new house, but is back to work as of January 15. She will appreciate your prayers as she makes plans for reaching out to college-age people. Jhan will appreciate your prayers for wisdom in developing deeper relationships with our North American branch leaders, and wisdom as to how to best help them accomplish the task of making Jesus known to the Jewish communities they serve. Jhan and Melissa each has a sister in New York and would appreciate prayer for their witness to them.

    Melissa says, “On New Year’s Eve we had my sister over for dinner and afterwards she spent about two hours asking us about our faith journeys! It was pretty remarkable. She lives only about ten minutes from us. She said she’d even be interested in coming to Karol’s small group study. We are slowly getting settled into our house and feeling like this neighborhood is ours. We are surprised by the number of Orthodox families that live all around us. It is exciting to be part of a NEW work. We still need prayer to find a worshiping community to belong to.”

    Karol is very enthusiastic about the work in Brooklyn. She had already begun to lay groundwork while still in Manhattan. She has a weekly women’s discipleship group that includes five newish Jewish believers in Jesus, one Gentile believer and one Jewish seeker. She would appreciate prayer for continued ministry with that group (and that is the small group study Melissa’s sister might “check out”). Karol would also appreciate prayer for wisdom concerning ministry to Hasidic (ultra-Orthodox) Jews. A few weeks ago, two of the men who had made professions of faith claimed (independently) that they had made a mistake and that they believe Jesus was a false prophet. The both gave the same reasons for their conclusion. Nevertheless, one of those two men called Karol on January 10, asking her questions regarding the gospel of John, chapter 4. Keep praying! Finally, Karol would appreciate prayer concerning the leadership for the Russian-speaking component of the Brooklyn work. At this time she is overseeing it as branch leader. However, it is possible that we would bring over one of our staff members or a staff family from Russia or Ukraine to oversee the work. Please pray concerning this decision.

  2. Amer Olson, new leader of the Chicago branch, is settling into his new role.

    We asked prayer for Amer in last month’s RealTime. He reports, “It’s been only a short time since Jhan and Melissa left. The holidays were quickly upon us with several staff on vacation, then myself to Urbana and then some vacation. So now we’re all together at the branch. Next week we will have our first planning session as a new team, so to speak. I’m inspired after our recent Council Meeting in San Francisco to approach our plans by asking whether the things we seek to do uphold our mission, and to keep reminding ourselves to examine our goals and motives. I’ve asked the staff here to pray for God’s wisdom, for ideas and dreams to bring to the table. The staff here is great, so I don’t have much to worry about. I’m just seeking the Lord’s wisdom and vision for me in this position and for the Chicago work ‘at such a time as this.'”

  3. Missionary candidate Melissa Zaidman, now in Rio de Janeiro, needs prayer for the details of her transition.

    Melissa’s belongings have still not arrived from New York. We hope that by the time you receive this they will have arrived at the Port of Rio (the most recent estimate is that they would come by January 13), but then there is quite a bit of red tape getting them from the Port to her apartment. At this point it seems the earliest she could hope for would be early February. Please pray for her in the interim and, more important, please pray for the details of a health insurance plan to come together so that she can have the proper medical coverage in Rio. Melissa would also appreciate your prayers as she seeks to finish the second stage of her missionary training this month. She wants wisdom in balancing the academic portion of her training with the actual missionary work that she is doing.

  4. Susan Perlman is finished with her chemotherapy, praise God!

    Thank you for your prayers for Susan, who plays such a key role in Jews for Jesus. Susan is regaining her strength, but the detoxification following chemo is a slow process. Please pray for her to fully recover, that the side effects that are lingering will disappear altogether, and that there will be no more cancer in her body.

  5. Jews for Jesus founder Moishe Rosen would be glad of your prayers for gall bladder surgery this week.

    As of this writing, he is scheduled for the surgery on January 16. Please pray for no complications and no post-operative infections. Moishe has been ill for several weeks and has had to reschedule a number of speaking engagements. Please pray that this surgery will resolve the problem. Pray for him to regain strength and be able to continue to minister.


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