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Tel Aviv Branch Leader Dan Sered comments on lessons learned from the phoning campaign:

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  • English speakers work fine (we had a volunteer who does not speak Hebrew and he did very well).
  • People are open to receive a free book (we offered the New Testament).
  • Calling during a holiday season enables us to find people at home during the day.
  • We can accomplish a lot in a fairly short amount of time. But calling is tough; it is difficult to do it for more than two hours in a row.
  • One gets more contacts when calling than on sorties (tract-passing expeditions), but it is hard to raise an image.
  • Calling demands tremendous focus. Volunteers who only come for a short time sometimes lack the focus and it really affects their performance.
  • Calling people and offering simply to visit with them does not work. People are not so open to have someone come and visit them right off the bat. By bringing the New Testament we hope we will have a basis for future visits.

Yoel Ben David reports,

Yoel Ben David

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“During our intensive calling campaign we spoke to people from many different backgrounds as we offered them a New Testament for free as a gift for Hanukkah. I enjoyed speaking to an Ethiopian woman who was interested in receiving a New Testament. She had never heard that there are Jewish people believing in Jesus and was quite interested. As our conversation drew to an end, she asked me to give a friend of hers a call. I asked if she was certain that this person would like to read the New Testament, and she said ‘definitely.’ When I called him he was very happy to hear from me and said that he would like to receive a New Testament. It’s great to develop contact with interested individuals, but even greater when more than one member of a people group shows interest.”

David Tsadok reports,

David Tsadok

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“Perhaps the most exciting phone call I had was with a man called Boaz who is very interested to learn more about Yeshua (Jesus). He said that he is on the way to believing and he is looking for answers and for the truth. His wife already believes, and I pray that Boaz will soon receive the Lord so that they may grow together in faith.”


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