RealTime January 2006

Behold Your God
January 1, 2006

Next month our campaigns will be in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Florida (February 14-March 5) and in Phoenix, Arizona (February 25-March 13). Please pray for God’s protection over all those involved, that everyone will be healthy and strong both physically and spiritually. Please pray for last minute details to come together and for God to…

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Broadsides Florida Tracts A Thing of Beauty

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Ringing in the New Year Jews for Jesus-Style

Rained out in Pasadena Jews for Jesus has been handing out tracts at the annual Rose Bowl Parade since the 70s. This is the first year we were truly rained out. However, our LA missionaries and volunteers still reached the crowds with our gospel broadsides at the float-viewing event prior to the parade. Following through…

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Jews, Jesus and Martin Luther King

African-Americans and Jews have more in common than many people suppose. As we approach Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, January 16, 2006, the Jews for Jesus website has personal stories, book reviews, and essays—for links to them all go here. Look under “of interest” on the left side of the page. Also, regarding Dr. Martin…

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Pastor and Rabbi Tour Israel Together
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Yes, a group of Jews and Christians are visiting the Land of Israel together, right now, led by a rabbi and a pastor who have expressed the hope of learning from one another. They are wrapping up their trip in the next few days. Pray for open and honest discussions about Jesus. (We don’t know…

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Staff News

Mazel Tov to Ben Wertheim and Jenny Kaye on their engagement! They both work at our San Francisco headquarters. Ben is in our shipping department (some of you will know his parents, long-time missionaries Steve and Janie-sue). Ben and Jenny are planning a June wedding. Mazel Tov to Chad and Kathleen Elliott who were wed…

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Sneak Peek of Next Month’s Newsletter
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In February our regular (snail mail) Newsletter will feature: Lead article by David Brickner titled, Loving the Unknown”; The BYG Pic (Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Phoenix); Prayer Prompters; “The Power of Love” by Greg Savitt; “The Power of Partnership” by Karol Joseph; “Jews, Valentine’s Day and the Gospel” by Ruth Rosen; Bits from the Branches…

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Jews for Jesus Sues Google

Your name is important. It not only tells people who you are so that they might know you; it also represents your credibility and your character. Your name brings with it all kinds of associations and resources. That is why identity theft is such a problem. Criminals steal people’s names in order to steal their…

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