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The day before leaving for Israel, participants got a bit of experience handing out tracts in the New York subway system.

They took off from JFK in New York on December 27.

It was a crowded flight but the group didn’t mind…

Evangelism in Israel:
(Haifa) It’s always a good idea to pray before a sortie (tract-passing expedition).

(Tel Aviv) Dave Garrett: “Who ever thought I’d get the chance to hand out tracts in Israel!”

(Tel Aviv) Yes, people DO read the tracts!

There were some intense conversations.

Often those listening in seem even more interested than those who actually stop to talk. Note the man on the motorcycle, the woman in the striped shirt and the young woman leaning against the rail.

In Beer Sheva, the team handed out tracts to Israeli soldiers who were on their way to and from leave.

It takes courage to stand on street corners and hand out gospel tracts, and we praise God that our Project Joshua participants were up to the task.
Tel Aviv

Of course handing out tracts was just one aspect of the project. There was plenty of time for learning, sight-seeing and just hanging out, having fun.
Efraim Goldstein, our Tel Aviv branch leader, points out Nimrod’s Fortress in Golan Heights.

The statue of Elijah, commemorating his showdown with the prophets of Baal at Mount Carmel.

One of the project leaders, Melissa Moskowitz, surveying the Land.

Palm trees at a kibbutz they stayed at by the Sea of Galilee.

Camels provided a bumpy ride in the Negev.

Students enjoyed a traditional Bedouin meal and tea in a tent.

An amazing floor of shells covers the beach in Caesarea.

Floating in the Dead Sea—a favorite tourist attraction.

We run Project Joshua every three years. Maybe you know a Jewish Christian student who will be in college at that time and might like to add his or her face to the Project Joshua family. Contact the Ministry-at-Large department at: mal60@aol.com.