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David Garrett reports, “From December 26 through January 10, 19 Jewish college students who love Jesus came from campuses across the United States to participate in a program called Project Joshua. The program gave them the opportunity to experience the land of Israel, meet other Jewish believers and do evangelism. Only one of the 19 students had ever been to Israel. Four were first-generation believers and most had never done street evangelism.

“We gathered in New York on December 26 and the following day we had a time of orientation and training—which included distributing gospel broadsides in the New York subway system on a very cold day. The team did well and we left for Israel that night.

“Security was tight, but we were able to move freely. We toured from the Golan Heights to the Negev and the students were able to gain a broad range of knowledge and experience. I’d say that our 13-day trip exceeded our expectations.

“While in Israel we did outreach in Tel Aviv, Haifa and Beer Sheva, during which we handed out 6,600 gospel broadsides. Twelve Israelis expressed interest in knowing more about Jesus. Our Jews for Jesus missionaries in Israel who assisted with Project Joshua will follow up with these people.

“The students bonded well and many came away with a desire to pursue other ministry opportunities. The front of the sweatshirts we gave them read, “Jews for Jesus” in English, with “Is there such a thing?” underneath in Hebrew. The back of the sweatshirts read, “Jews for Jesus” in English with “There is such a thing!” underneath in Hebrew. We provided these for the outreach portions of the tour but some chose to wear their sweatshirts at other times during the trip, and this resulted in many witnessing opportunities. The students also freely shared their faith on the plane, in the shops or wherever they went.

“One such encounter occurred at Yad Vashem (the Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem). Our guide wanted to know about our group, and when informed that it was a group of Jews who believe that Jesus is the Messiah, she asked to know more. One of the students, who came to faith in Jesus last spring, gave a brief story. Our guide then gave us her phone number so one of our Israel-based missionaries could meet for further discussion.

“What an honor and privilege it was for the five of us (myself, Melissa Moskowitz from our Chicago branch, Efraim Goldstein and Dan Sered from our Israel branch and Elisheva R from New York) who led Project Joshua to get to know and interact with these young people. Please pray that God will continue to draw them closer to Himself and prepare them for His service.”