RealTime January 2004

Happy New Year to you!
January 1, 2004

We said it in our regular January newsletter, but in case you missed it, we at Jews for Jesus want to wish you God’s very best in 2004. May He bless you as you are a blessing to us!

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Little known Jewish holiday this month

February 7 is the minor holiday (not commanded in Scripture) of Tu Bi-Shevat, traditionally marking the beginning of springtime in Israel. It is also considered the New Year of Trees.” One custom associated with this holiday is tree planting. For more on Tu Bi-Shevat, see our Tu Bi-Shevat page. Visit the Jewish National Fund’s online…

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Behold Your God in 2004

A list of cities where we hope to have Behold Your God evangelistic campaigns in 2004 brochure is online and downloadable. If you are interested in helping us find the right people to participate, you can print it and make copies for their congregation, or perhaps post in your church or church newsletter. Go to:…

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Rose Bowl Outreach

The annual Tournament of Roses Parade and Rose Bowl football game in Pasadena provide a special way for our Los Angeles staff and volunteers to ring in the New Year. On December 31, it’s our custom to go out to Pasadena for a last minute reconnaissance of the area before the outreach. We even have…

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Martin Luther King and the Jewish people

With Martin Luther King, Jr. Day coming up on January 19, we wondered if you know about the connection between King and the Jews. Many Jewish people were strongly involved in the civil rights movement, but Martin Luther King was also a terrific support to the Jewish community. You can read the full story in…

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Free downloadable gospel tracts for Valentine’s Day

Remember when you were a kid and classmates sent one another hand made construction paper cards with glue and glitter and sometimes those candy hearts? This year how about handing your classmates, colleagues, neighbors and friends a Valentine greeting that lets them know how much God loves them. We’ve got our old standby, “Valentine’s Day”,…

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Meet Our New Missionaries

Our 2004 class of missionary trainees just completed their ten-day orientation at our San Francisco headquarters and now they are headed for New York City where they will begin to learn the missionary craft. Our regular newsletter will feature more about these newnicks in March, but they really could use your prayers NOW as the…

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At least they spelled our name right: correcting an erroneous newspaper article

What would you think of a newspaper article titled, Jews for Jesus criticizes Evangelicals”? The Washington Times recently published such an article, which was quickly picked up and reported by other media. (We last accessed this on 1/15/04. If it is no longer available when you receive this, you may need to search in the…

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