One of our New York staff happened to see an old Jews for Jesus gospel tract for sale on eBay. You could call it a “limited edition,” since it was one of our pop culture–based gospel pamphlets, which—along with many things related to pop culture—have a limited shelf life.

The seller was asking $17.99 for this single-sheet, three-fold broadside, plus $3.99 for shipping (it weighs less than an ounce and fits in a regular business envelope with room to spare). And—would you believe it?—next to that price was another dollar amount, struck through: $71.95! That’s a whopping 75% off of a pamphlet that we handed out for free!

Maybe we shouldn’t jump to conclusions, but could it be that whoever received that tract some eight years ago kept it because she thought there might be some truth to the gospel message written in it? And did that interest wane to the point that the only value she sees in it is a dollar amount? Or maybe God is still speaking to her heart. In any case, let’s pray that she’ll think again about the gospel message that she apparently doesn’t yet believe, but is hoping to sell.

And if you are curious about the pamphlet, you can view it here—for free.